Comic Follows a Young Mother and Her Giant Sloth

New Graphic Novel on Kickstarter takes a scientifically accurate look at the Mega Funna of North America, and a young mother lost in it.

Mea and Nobear

Clovis is a half pre-historical graphic novel, and half Zoo Books. Created by writer and science enthusiast Miles Greb, Clovis tells the story of a young mother and her giant sloth, searching for her lost son. The graphic novel will feature over 80 pages of story, and a 20 page section inspired by Zoobooks based on the mega fauna of North America in 12,000 BCE.  Live on Kickstarter now, the project has a goal of $19,000.

Up-and-coming artist Zak Hartong (Albatross), and After the Gold Rush writer Miles Greb are Kickstarting their look at the North American wilderness of the Pleistocene era. Greb's first outing, After the Gold Rush, was an effort to return science to science fiction. Clovis brings the same dedication to prehistory- it will portray its setting and characters as they were.

"Clovis is a great meld of science and fun that is needed to inspire a new generation of readers."

Jeffrey Veregge, Award-Winning Native American Comic Artist & Designer

Mae, Clovis' protagonist, is a fictional mother of the historical person Anzik. Discovered in Montana, 1968, Anzik was our first clue to the early American Clovis people. The Clovis people predated the people to whom we now refer as Native Americans. They lived in the time of native horses, camels, giant seized beavers, bears, and most importantly - Sloths. Our story begins at the burial site of Anzik, and features the actual artifacts discovered there. After burying Anzik, Mae sees, for the first time, a plume of dark smoke. Hoping it's a sign for her lost son, she follows it across the expanse.

The Clovis Kickstarter also includes work by famed Marvel and IDW cover artist Jeffrey Veregge, who will be doing an alternate cover for Clovis in his traditional Native American style. The main cover is painted in beautiful water color by Naomi Franquiz.

The Kickstarter features poster prints, stickers of the era's mega fauna, a hand-crocheted giant sloth, art commissions, and more. The Clovis Kickstarter ends September 1st, so if you want to follows Mae's journey, and see an accurate rendition of Pleistocene era, grab yourself a copy! 

Source: Goldrush Comics

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