Comforter Made For Couples With Different Sleeping Preferences; Warm/Thick Side, Cool/Thin Side

The Twovet™ brings peaceful, uninterrupted sleep to couples everywhere. Imagine a full night of sleep without disagreeing about it being too hot or too cold? For more information please visit

The exceptional new Twovet™, the duvet for two, is a unique comforter designed to eliminate the need for multiple blankets at bedtime. The name stems from combining two words: two and duvet. After constantly disagreeing about blankets with his girlfriend, owner Tim Doyle envisioned a comforter with different thicknesses to accommodate both his and his girlfriends' desired warmth preferences. Upon discussing this idea with friends, family and acquaintances, he realized that other couples share this same problem. Based on this feedback, the Twovet™ was born.

The Twovet™ is manufactured using a 400-thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton cover. The comforter is created using a hypoallergenic, high loft, down alternative fill. The warm side of the duvet is twice as thick as the cool side (warm side = 40 ounces, cool side = 20 ounces). This product is offered in white and features a fifteen-inch, sewn-through box construction that prevents fill from shifting and helps maintain loft. The Twovet™ is 100% handmade in the United States and is easily machine washable. This duvet also comes with an impressive 90-day money back guarantee.

According to a National Sleep Foundation survey, 23% of married couples in the United States sleep in different beds. The Twovet™ aims to reconcile these differences and put couples back together in the same bed under a comforter that satisfies both of their needs.


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