Combining Style and Sustainability: Studio St. Germain Featured in SketchUp Blog

SketchUp recently ran a feature on Studio St. Germain, focusing on its mission of fusing high-performance buildings with quality design and how it uses Sefaira for modeling and analysis.

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SketchUp and Sefaira, industry leaders in 3D modeling and energy analysis for architecture, interior design, and engineering, recently spoke to Studio St. Germain Principal Nathan St. Germain and 3D modeling specialist Benjamin Nahum as part of its in-depth SketchUp blog.

Featuring a broad cross-section of industry coverage, the SketchUp blog also publishes articles on sustainability practices and innovative firms tackling climate change and well-being. Its previous profile highlighted Perkins Eastman.

In this wide-ranging interview, St. Germain touches on his use of Sefaira to help develop progressive high-performance buildings and his philosophy of combining style and sustainability.

"From a workflow standpoint, we are integrating Sefaira in the early conceptual design process as an iterative tool to help shape both the aesthetic and the performance," St. Germain says. "Then as we're going through the design process and incorporating all of our engineering disciplines, we fine-tune the design."

As one of the leading environmentally conscious design firms in the Pittsburgh Metro region, Studio St. Germain emphasizes energy efficiency, sustainability, and well-being, but it also focuses on style and materials. "If our philosophy is the art of architecture and performance, we must execute both," St. Germain tells SketchUp. 

In addition, St. Germain believes architecture is an art for the public good. "Our core philosophies are a part of the company culture and tie back to the mission," he says. "One of them is the idea of the purpose beyond the project. We are building to give back. We do this in different ways, including giving back to the environment with sustainable initiatives and the community by providing healthier indoor environments." 

Read Studio St. Germain—Combining Style and Sustainability using Sefaira on SketchUp.

About Studio St. Germain

Studio St. Germain believes a successful building puts people at the heart of its design process. High-performance buildings—which combine energy efficiency, durability, and occupant well-being—have set a new standard for positive social and environmental impact. By integrating several disciplines into one, a high-performance building operates as a carefully calibrated environment where design, sustainability, performance, and productivity intersect. At Studio St. Germain, we are dedicated to constructing dynamic spaces that not only stand out aesthetically and return value to owners but also positively affect the community. Our philosophy is driven by the purpose beyond our profession: improving lives through human-centric design.

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About Studio St. Germain

Studio St. Germain is an award-winning, full-service architecture firm that specializes in human-centric design - architecture that puts people at its heart. At Studio St. Germain, we are passionate about architecture as a public good, and we adhere to a humanistic philosophy where community values are an integral part of the design process and reflect our core belief: building to give back.

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