Combining Physical and Mental Health in Raleigh, NC

Leading the way to a better, more universalized system of health care, where primary and behavioral care can exist under one roof.

NC’s largest outpatient mental health practice launches the “Center for Integrative Care” - combining mental/behavioral health care together with behavioral care, primary care, and every other treatment modality under one roof!

Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare is NC’s largest private outpatient mental health practice, with 28 locations across the state and over 100 practitioners. This year, Carolina Partners is launching the Center for Integrative Care, as part of an ambitious initiative to integrate behavioral health services into the broader sphere of primary care!

At the Center for Integrative Care, each patient will be assessed and assigned to their own, personalized team of health professionals from across the healthcare spectrum: from psychiatrists and CBT therapists to nurse practitioners, health coaches, acupuncturists, exercise coaches, and specialists in addiction recovery, among many other health care specialists! This team will coordinate to craft a holistic, comprehensive treatment regimen tailored to the specific needs of each individual patient. No longer would someone suffering from deep depression, obesity, and opioid addiction have to find three different practices to take care of their needs; the CIC would provide treatment for all those areas simultaneously.

Through extensive research, it has been shown that this integrated system results in overall greater care for patients, and overall lower costs for the healthcare industry as a whole. Instead of focusing on individual symptoms, caregivers can focus on the patient as a whole person, allowing comorbid conditions to be treated cheaply and more effectively.

Carolina Partners is proud to help lead the way to a better, more universalized system of health care, where primary and behavioral care can exist under one roof, for the benefit of all.

For more information please call Heather Daniel - Marketing Director at 919-354-0840 ext 145 or Sharon Wilkening - Care Coordination Program Manager at 919-792-3930. 

Source: Carolina Partners Center for Integrative Care

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