Combin 2.1 New Version Release - Now Available

Combin today announced a new version release, Combin 2.1. Combin 2.1 is a smart tool for skyrocketing Instagram marketing. Updated and brand-new features offer a better way to get genuine followers, likes and comments. The release aims at a wiser search for influencers and easier engagement.

The primary update touches on the interface, improved by means of Instagram limits display, a new user preview and an updated posts preview. Combin 2.1 allows its clients to track how many limits on likes, comments and follows they have. Besides, customers are now able to get more specific and full preview information about other Instagrammers and their posts.

“These new features provide not only a comfortable user experience but safer Instagram promotion and more effective engagement since the application cautions its users against a possible ban,” says Fedor Kulagin, Senior Developer. 

Other new features:

  • Search copy
  • Sound notifications
  • New comment time filters
  • Hotkeys

These release notes are described in detail on Combin's blog

Users can now download the new version for Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

About Combin: Combin is an intelligent tool for the fast, safe and effective growth of Instagram accounts. The app is used by more than 50,000 Instagrammers around the globe.