Combat Fall Allergies With Help From Eva-Dry Portable Dehumidifiers

With the official start of fall comes cooler weather, football, all things pumpkin spice, and unfortunately for many, fall allergies. There are many different fall allergens, but the two largest culprits this time of year are ragweed and mold.

To help combat your fall allergies, here are a few strategies to help limit your exposure to these aggravating allergens:

  • Cover your mattresses and pillows with special allergen-proof covers to create a barrier between you and potential allergens.
  • Use an exhaust fan to reduce moisture while taking baths or showers.
  • Close windows and rely on air conditioning during certain parts of the season. Clean mold and condensation from window frames and sills.
  • Whenever you come in from outside, wash your face and hands. If you have been exposed to outdoor air for an extended period of time, it is best to shower and change into clean clothes.
  • Reduce your humidity levels with a dehumidifier. Hot, humid houses are breeding grounds for mold and dust mites. Dehumidifiers eliminate moisture, making your home less hospitable to allergens such as mold, mildew and dust mites.

The fact is, many of the most common allergens flourish in humid environments. Whether you live in a humid climate, or you just have a living space that tends to be more humid, you may be putting yourself and family at risk of exposure to these allergy triggers. The good news is, reducing humidity levels is easy with help from Eva-Dry Dehumidifiers.

Unlike many dehumidifiers on the market, Eva Dry Dehumidifiers do not contain calcium chloride or create a mess. They pull excess moisture from the air by using odorless, absorbent silica gel crystals to eliminate mold, mildew and moisture.

Eva-Dry Vice President, Ken Judd commented, “Eva-Dry dehumidifiers allow you to easily maintain the right level of relative humidity in your home which may help with your allergy symptoms year-round. Our goal is to provide a safe, mess-free approach to controlling your moisture problems with our portable and renewable line of dehumidifiers.”

For help keeping your allergy symptoms under control, consider a dehumidifier from Eva-Dry. Keep the fresh dry air in your home in, and the moist damaging air out this fall! This season, let Eva-Dry help you with your fall allergies at home, in the office and even in your vehicle!

About Eva Dry Dehumidifiers

Since 2003, Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers have earned their reputation as the safest, healthiest and most efficient method to reduce ambient moisture by providing a higher absorption rate than alternate disposable dehumidifying products. The compact, renewable Eva-Dry units reduce humidity to fight mold, moisture and mildew in homes, boats, RVs, safes, and other valuable item storage. Visit, or call (877) 382-3790 for more information.

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For the past decade, Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers have been the most efficient way to gather moisture and have an absorption rate much higher than, more traditional (disposable) dehumidifying products on the market through the years and today.