Columbus Fitness Boot Camps Testimonial

Yun Fitness Bootcamps of Columbus recently posted Amber's testimonial giving her comments about bootcamp and why she likes working out with a group.

Check out this short video testimonial about Yun's Fitness Bootcamps from Amber Smith on YouTube. Like many others in the Columbus area who have joined this interval-based circuit training program, Amber began with the free two-week trial. Now into her second circuit, she's already seeing results.
Amber highly recommends you try the two-week trial. 'It's 45 minutes, doesn't take much out of your day. You're here, you get it done, you go home-and cook dinner for your lazy husband,' she adds with a laugh.
To see Amber's testimonial, as well as many others, visit on YouTube. You'll also find dozens of videos showing the actual bootcamp exercises, fitness routines, and advice from Jason Yun, certified fitness trainer and owner of Yun Strength and Fitness Systems. You can find out more about the bootcamps and other classes at