Colossi Makes SXSW Interactive Awards Show More Interactive 

​Colossi LLC, a pioneer in the field of interactive crowd  gaming, has announced that they have partnered with SXSW to kick off the 19th annual SXSW  Innovation Awards.

Colossi LLC, a pioneer in the field of interactive crowd  gaming, has announced that they have partnered with SXSW to kick off the 19th annual SXSW  Innovation Awards. The awards show takes place March 15th at 7pm CST in Austin, TX as a  part of SXSW Interactive. Colossi will open the event with some of its specially­ crafted  interactive crowd games designed for the entire expected audience of 500 to play all at once  together, setting the tone for an evening designed to celebrate ​the most ​inspiring, creative  innovations​ in the connected world.    

“We’re thrilled to be a part of SXSW,” says Ben Skaggs, Co-­founder of Colossi. “The world  needs more fun and interactivity, especially in a way that really brings us together with the  people standing physically next to us. Our goal is to be the most enjoyable interactive  experience of the whole festival, and with the incredible level of energy and excitement we’ve  gotten in the past, I’m very confident this will be the case.” 

About Colossi

Colossi is a Los Angeles based entertainment technology startup that specializes in creating large scale, interactive crowd games for live events. The company’s proprietary technology and content enables brands to connect with live audiences of thousands or more as they play and compete against each other. For more information about Colossi, please visit


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About Colossi LLC

We create large scale interactive crowd games for live events.