ColorIt Announces the Future of Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books The New Family Heirloom? ColorIt is launching an adult coloring book that will reshape how people use them. They have found a way to create an adult coloring book that caters to adults but is also enjoyed by children. Say goodbye to the days of throwing away your coloring books and discover their future.

Unless you live under a rock, you know adult coloring books are the latest trend sweeping the nation. According to Amazon, 5 adult coloring books ranked in the top 20 on their Best Sellers of 2015 list. Recently, ColorIt launched their newest book, The Greatest Adventure, on After only one day, their campaign received 20% of its funding.

The Greatest Adventure inspiration

ColorIt is attempting to do what no other adult coloring book company has found great success in. They’re producing an adult coloring book with the goal of it becoming a family heirloom. The Greatest Adventure includes 50 intricate hand drawn designs along with a story.

“Coloring is something I often do with my children and it’s how our company got its start. The quality of adult coloring books that I owned was disappointing. It got me thinking, maybe I can do this better ” said Erika Befumo, Co-Founder, ColorIt.

This is when Erika gathered a team of her family to produce premium coloring books. “Since the beginning, our motivation has been to revolutionize the adult coloring book market. The quality of our books is building our reputation and I see The Greatest Adventure forging a new path. This book reinvents what family time looks like. We're stripping away TVs and iPads to return to good old-fashioned family fun” said Erika.

An adult coloring book designed for the entire family

ColorIt's newest book serves a multipurpose function. Adults get to unwind and explore their creativity while turning their craft into a gift. This addresses the concern of figuring out what to do once you've completed every design in a book. Instead of throwing it away, grandparents and parents have personalized storybooks to share. This begins a nice family tradition that incorporates coloring and storytelling for many generations.

The Greatest Adventure Adult Coloring Book features

Like all ColorIt books, The Greatest Adventure includes:

  • Hardback covers

  • Top spiral binding

  • Artist quality paper

  • A bonus blotter to prevent markers from bleeding through

These upgrades are a hallmark of ColorIt brand books, which fans have come to love.

Pricing and availability

The Greatest Adventure is available on Pledges start at $15 with early bird pricing and go up to $20, once the early bird special runs out. Autographed copies of The Greatest Adventure or original drawings are also available.

About ColorIt

ColorIt is a small family-run business operating out of Escondido, CA. Erika runs the company along with her husband, cousin, and her cousin's wife. They all share the passion of creating quality products that inspire creativity in adults. As Michael Jackness, Co-Founder, ColorIt puts it, “If you don't say "WOW!" the moment you pick up your book, we didn't do our job.” For more information visit

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About ColorIt

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ColorIt is an adult coloring book company located in Escondido, CA. We produce high-quality coloring books that feature: hardback covers, top spiral binding, artist grade paper, and a bonus blotter to prevent markers from bleeding through.

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