Colorado Healthy Gives Users Access to Tips and Deals on Natural Health and Fitness Products

New site offers information on natural health products

A new site, Colorado Healthy, is dedicated to helping people stay healthy through natural products and more.

The site offers recommendations about health and fitness, including nutritional supplements. One recommended provider is Boli Nutrition. The site highlighted some of Boli’s offering, including those to boost energy and endurance and protein shakes to help with workout recovery. It also recommended Bulk Supplements, which offers access to a wide range of vitamins and supplements in one place.

The site offers articles to help people become healthier, as well. One recent post offered ways to incorporate nine different superfoods into meals, and another offered 14 different benefits of working out that aren’t related to weight loss.

“Now that people are living longer, they need to think about living healthier, as well,” Winslow said. “That would save them money they might have spent on health care and mean more enjoyment in their lives.”

Winslow is passionate about health and said that the way he lives is an example of what a healthy lifestyle and natural health products can do.

“I am active,” he said, “and I hike, hunt and fish with no joint pain or muscle aches. Diet and exercise all help, along with yearly visits to my doctor and using great natural health products that really work.”

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