Colorado Essential Workers Recognized and Saluted With Building-Size Animations

Colorado Frontline Workers Recognized and Saluted With Building-Size Animations

A team of advertising professionals banded together to launch a campaign recognizing and thanking essential workers for their tireless efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea showcases nurses, teachers, musicians and various other occupations by featuring them on 10-story-high animated projections on the sides of prominent buildings. Piloted by leaders of Denver advertising agency August Allen, the animations are here to inspire Coloradoans during this difficult time.

"These animations were our way of thanking anyone and everyone who has been helping throughout the pandemic," said August Allen Creative Director Justin Hayes. "We created these large projections for everyone to see."

Hayes and August Allen Director of Marketing Kristina Veltri assembled their team of creative professionals to make this happen. Eric Bernal of Skyline Productions and Parallaxis Designs, for example, applies the effects and projects the illustrations. "It's important that we all know we are a community and we value one another," Bernal said. "There's a vast number of occupations who have all made life much easier for all of us."

Those animations were created and introduced by designer, illustrator and animator Nick Newhart of A New Design, Co. "I have friends and family in various fields who were significantly impacted by COVID," Newhart said. "This is my chance to thank them and utilize my skills and design work for something that might help as they go to and from work every day as we hopefully approach the end of this."

"The tireless efforts these people put forth is inspiring," added Jay Roth of Jay Roth Creative, who was responsible for the messaging. "They deserve our gratitude."

The animations are slated to be first featured on the side of Republic Plaza in downtown Denver on March 20, starting at 7:30 p.m.

"It's an honor to be part of a special project of this magnitude to recognize so many important people," Veltri said "We hope this will inspire everyone in Colorado the way they inspired us."

Source: August Allen


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