Color Partners With Sayre Therapeutics to Provide Access to Affordable Hereditary Cancer Assessment Tests in India

The Color-Sayre partnership will provide a fully integrated solution for patients and providers by delivering actionable clinical test results at an accessible price point.

Sayre Therapeutics, a preferred partner of Color, will provide patients and providers in India with widespread access to affordable genetic tests that analyze an individual’s risk for eight hereditary cancers, for which early knowledge can make a difference in treatment and prevention.

Sayre Therapeutics, a super-specialty biotech that specializes in novel therapeutics and molecular diagnostics, will also offer genetic and medical counseling to patients and their families both pre- and post-testing. Clients will have the option of providing either a saliva or blood sample for testing. The samples will be analyzed at Color’s CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory in the United States using next-generation sequencing and reported variants may be confirmed by alternate technologies, including Sanger sequencing, MLPA or aCGH. 

“While India has yet to fully absorb the need and potential impact of molecular diagnostics, doctors are showing a growing interest and demand for the clinical utility of genetic testing for hereditary conditions such as cancer. By partnering with Color, Sayre will help Indian patients gain access to potentially lifesaving information,” said Vandana Subramanian, Sayre Therapeutics’ chief business officer.

Andreia Gardner, Color’s strategic alliance lead, said, “By offering a clinical-grade test at an affordable price point in India, we want to increase access to genetic testing for patients so that they can work with their healthcare providers in an effort to live healthier, longer lives.”

Through this partnership, Color and Sayre Therapeutics hope to increase the awareness of and access to genetic testing for patients and their family members who have no medical insurance coverage for molecular diagnostics.

About Sayre Therapeutics

Sayre Therapeutics Private Ltd. provides an integrated platform for disease management backed by a unique distribution and commercialization model for novel and/or differentiated drugs, molecular diagnostics and drug delivery devices in the super-specialty areas of oncology and immunology in South Asian countries. In addition to being a mainstream commercial organization for globally in-licensed assets, Sayre Therapeutics Private Ltd. engages in clinical trials required to provide access to these assets in relevant markets. For further information, visit For press inquiries email

About Color

Color is a modern health service that applies expertise in robotics, genomics, software and design to a crucial healthcare challenge: preventing or detecting conditions where early knowledge can improve health outcomes and reduce treatment costs. Color's affordable, clinical-grade genetic tests help people understand their risk for hereditary cancer and heart conditions - knowledge that they and their doctors can use to create personalized health plans. Color tests are physician-ordered and include complimentary access to board-certified genetic counselors for clients and healthcare providers. For further information visit For press inquiries email

Source: Sayre Therapeutics

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