College Athletes Protect Their Image and Brand With Online Persona Start-Up

Over 500,000 student athletes have the opportunity to play at the collegiate level, but one negative social media post can turn into costly headlines. In the process, crushing an athlete’s dreams of playing at the next level and seriously impacting the reputation of their university. 

While athletic performances on the field and on the court are the most significant components of a players’ ability to secure their next opportunity, Austin, Texas, digital start-up now offers college athletes a new way to protect their image and brand and ensure old social media posts do not overshadow their athletic achievements. 

Founded in 2018 by two former Google employees, James Chance (CEO and co-founder) and Dimitrios Mistriotis (CTO and co-founder), puts subscribers in the driving seat by allowing them to proactively manage their digital presence and reputation. As athletes’ performances garner increased attention by the media and fans, so does the scrutiny over their social media history. For aspiring athletes, whose lives have been documented online, content exposed during a pinnacle moment in their athletic career can not only hinder their reputation and chance to play at the next level but can also negatively impact their school’s reputation. These negative social media posts can also haunt athletes long after college when getting a job or a promotion. 

“When we built from the ground up, our mission extended far beyond merely helping people delete old Facebook photos and locking down what others can see. We analyze – and continuously scan – your different social media accounts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and alert you to potentially harmful content so that you ensure your online persona is an accurate and positive reflection of who you are and your brand,” says founder and CEO James Chance.

Pitched as an “online guardian,” seeks to eliminate the risk of negative posts and pictures being exposed by simplifying the world of online reputation management, allowing college athletes to present themselves in the best possible way – and, ultimately, unlock success for Name, Image, and Likeness opportunities.

New customers via the website currently receive a free "Persona Score" and basic scan of their social media accounts. Following this, the service costs $39.95, which includes enhanced scanning, automated deletion of posts and photos, and six months’ monitoring. College sports teams are able to provide the service to their athletes by contacting

NOTES TO EDITORS: is an innovative online persona management service. The service automatically analyzes a customer's online footprint across the web, providing personalized and actionable recommendations to the customer to improve their social media and online accounts. Customers can quickly remove unwanted social media posts and photos directly from their dashboard for content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, saving hours of time compared to reviewing each account manually.

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