Collectors Equity | First Ever Market Cap Weighted Index for Graded Collectibles

Collectors see opportunity with passion investments as real assets.

Collectors Equity

Collectors Equity is an innovative financial technology firm serving the global community of graded collectibles. The company offers a comprehensive suite of daily valued, market capitalization weighted indices that track the financial trends of graded sports cards. Collectors Equity advocates on behalf of the collectibles industry and provides data analytics to benefit collectors, card manufacturers, dealers, graders, auction houses and now, finally, the financial sector.

The company's flagship index, and first of its kind, is the GCI (Graded Card Index) 250, which tracks the overall value of the Top 250 graded sports cards. Much like the S&P 500 market cap formula for stocks, the proprietary algorithm calculates the number of cards outstanding from graders’ Population Reports multiplied by real-time feeds of buy/sell transaction data from VCP or Vintage Card Prices. From March 1, 2018, through Feb. 28, 2019, the Collectors Equity GCI 250 was up 24.40%, which has outpaced the S&P 500 performance of 3.99% during the same time period.

With the introduction of the GCI 250 Index, Collectors Equity is poised to transform how collectors and financial institutions look at the collectibles market and help those making passion investments in collectibles realize their value as real assets.  

“Investments in graded collectibles are the most tangible asset class that tug on the hearts of childhood memories and spirited sports fans everywhere. With recent prices of high end graded rookie cards of Mickey Mantle and Tom Brady eclipsing $2.8 million and $400,000 respectively, plus the global demand for sought after pop culture icons like Michael Jordan, investment dollars are clearly moving the collectibles hobby," says Bill Feldmaier, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Collectors Equity. 

Collectors Equity seeks to partner with financial institutions to reflect the value of graded collectibles on investors’ financial statements. “There’s an asset allocation opportunity for high net worth individuals as well as the opportunity to discover unknown wealth for millions of Americans,” added Feldmaier. 

The company has uniquely positioned itself as the independent resource connecting the graded collectibles community with financial tools to help make informed decisions to capitalize on collectibles. 

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Collectors Equity is an innovative financial technology firm serving the global community of graded collectibles.

Bill Feldmaier
Bill Feldmaier
Managing Partner, Collectors Equity
Collectors Equity
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