Collectius Puts People First and Invites the Industry to Follow

In an industry where unique, competitive advantages are few and far between, Collectius takes a strategic leap forward and hopes other companies will follow in their footsteps.

As the company presents its new brand identity, it does more than display beautiful visuals. They hope to engage the industry in a conversation about the future and the opportunity of making a positive change in the communities around us.

The traditional operating model for debt collection companies has followed the same patterns since the beginning of time. With intimidating tactics, they push people to pay overdue loans back to creditors and focus on short-term results by collecting as fast as possible.

Collectius believes in another approach: One that puts people first.

“As we reach 1.5 million customers in Southeast Asia, we felt it was important to communicate what we stand for. We don’t believe debt is bad. On the contrary, it can be advantageous when used the right way. But it’s very easy to see why people end up with bad debt. Consumerism and easy credit matched with a lack of financial know-how is simply not a fair system. Add tough debt collection practices and we have a recipe for social disaster. It’s understandable why people fall behind. The game is rigged. Our mission is to support our customers to new financial beginnings because we believe everyone deserves a second chance to grow with the economy. We are willing to sacrifice on short-term returns in order to support our customers with individual payment plans, rather than pushing people for unsustainable full settlements. That’s why we’re innovating, building systems, tools and products to see this mission achieved,” explains Gustav A. Eriksson, Group CEO, Collectius.

The new graphic identity was developed in partnership with the brand accelerator Bakheda and includes a full creative platform and a design identity that visualizes the strategy at every touchpoint –– from a new logotype to full sets of patterns, iconography and web design.

“A brand is the public perception of a company’s actions,” added Arvid Lithander, founder and creative director of Bakheda. “We help companies become competitive brands by making a positive impact and in Collectius, we found an inspirational partner working towards the exact same goal. Working with their team to bring their vision to life was an absolute pleasure and we look forward to the next step in the journey.”

The rebranding will be presented at a series of events in June and can be seen on

Source: Collectius Group


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