Collection Agents Strong Feature of Credit Counsel Inc.'s Debt Recovery Process

When it comes to industries that make direct connections with other people, customer service is of high importance.

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​​This fact becomes more of a critical issue when dealing with debtors. Credit Counsel Inc. boasts their collecting agent's attention to detail when working with clients.

For the past 20 years, the group has led the debt recovery industry. Based in Miami, Florida, the firm has served clients nationally and internationally. Because of the vast landscape of their client's location, the customer service aspect becomes critical to the business.

"Offering a courteous nature to all our clients starts in our training," says a company spokesperson. "While our agents are firm about the collection process, they never step over the line of friendliness."

The collection agents at Credit Counsel Inc. adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. Through the collection process, the agents do not waver from the company's principles.

"From the very first collection request to the final coordination in a lawsuit, our agents adhere to the continuity in approach and consistent communication with our clients," adds the company's spokesperson.

The goal of Credit Counsel Inc. is to preserve their client's image within their industry. Also, to obtain the highest possible return on each dollar placed. If there is no collection, there is no charge for clients.

The staff has become dedicated to building deep relationships with the clients they manage. A heavy focus on development and training ensures that each agent sticks to the guidelines of the company. The reputation built by each agent has stayed firm for the past two decades.

Some of the clients that rely on Credit Counsel Inc.'s services are Action Gator Tire, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Caregiver Services, Urological Consultants of Florida, and Memorial Same Day Surgery Center.

"Credit Counsel Inc. has proven the strength to achieve above average recovery results in a consistent and reasonable cost-effective fashion," says Russ Reynolds, Risk Manager for Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The management team at Credit Counsel Inc. has established a unique philosophy regarding the successful collection of bad debt. Unlike their competition, the company believes that people have the most significant impact on positively influencing payment. Well-trained, highly paid, full-time, and seasoned collection agents are far more productive than unexperienced part-time collectors.

"The years of experience within our staff translate into above normal recovery results," says the company spokesperson. "Also, it's essential to maintain our clients' relationships with the debtors."

As the company has grown, they have expanded the department to attend to the notice of their clients appropriately. Additionally, the company believes in investing monies in physical resources that have an immediate impact in enhancing the chances for collection.

These different efforts include state of the art technology used for skip tracing, asset searching, and credit reporting. These basic philosophies have helped Credit Counsel Inc. advance into one of the fastest growing debt collection agencies in the country.

Ethics Important to Collection Agents Team

Also, the company operates under a strict code of ethics. The primary concern is to ensure that their expert personnel maximizes collection potential while adhering to the highest professional work standards and legal guidelines.

Credit Counsel Inc. is also highly sensitive to maintaining the goodwill of their clients on a nationwide and international basis. The team of upper management auditors ensures the consistency and accuracy of work activity standards and audit requirements.

The requirements of ethics address diligence and integrity, as evidenced in the 24-hour activation of new work policy. Also, daily activity requirements, weekly activity requirements, skip tracing efforts and follow-ups with clients.

It's because of these policies and training that Credit Counsel Inc. continues to lead the debt recovery industry.

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