Collars vs. Harnesses & Retractable Leashes: The Debate

We talk with American Dog Pros trainer, Zack Kiser, to discuss the highly debated topic of walking tools and which is best for your dog.


A Brief Paws, the pet podcast produced by professional groomer Ani Corless, launched a new episode discussing one of the most often debated questions from pet owners: collar or harness, what type of lead is best? The latest episode features professional dog trainer Zack Kiser from American Dog Pros in Black Forest, Colorado which specializes in protection sports and training working dogs.

The episode digs into the pros and cons of different collars and harnesses, the different types of options available such as prong collars and shock collars, and the best time to start training your pet. Corless and Kiser also discuss little-known facts such as dog harnesses are used by professional trainers not to train but to create frustration or excitement in the dog. "Harnesses were designed originally to teach dogs to pull things," says Kiser. "It invokes what is called 'opposition reflex' which is basically the natural pulling behavior." Throughout the episode the two pet professionals discuss animal training and how certain factors may change the approach, such as rural versus urban environments and what is expected of the animal from its owner.

A Brief Paws is the latest project from Ms. Corless, who has been working with dogs for over two decades and is the owner of the Luxury Groomer, a dog health and grooming company based in New York City. The first season of A Brief Paws, which debuted in April of 2021, featured ten episodes on a wide variety of pet-related topics including virtual pet training, flea and tick preventatives, and minority representation in the pet industry. Each episode spotlights a relevant guest or specialist on the topic and provides insights for pet owners and industry professionals.

The latest episode, which is episode 12, is titled "Collars vs. Harnesses & Retractable Leashes?? The debate" and is currently available on all major streaming platforms and a YouTube channel. For more information or to download or subscribe to episodes, please visit

About A Brief Paws: A Brief Paws is a podcast that takes a moment to talk with special guests about a wide variety of topics in the pet industry. Topics covered include health and wellness, training, rescue, and even the newest fashion trends and products. Hosted by Ani Corless, Founder of New York City pet grooming company Luxury Groomer. For more information please visit

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