Colic Resolved After Beginning Chiropractic Care

Dr. Joe Borio from Borio Chiropractic Health Center in Cicero, NY states that infantile colic is commonly described as persistent and often violent crying for no apparent reason in seemingly healthy and thriving infants. 

Dr. Borio cites the November 2012 issue of the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health case study involving an eight week-old infant who experienced a resolution of her colic symptoms after a short course of chiropractic care. The baby's mother brought her to the chiropractor with the classic symptoms of colic, reporting that the baby cried for up to 5 hours at a time, lasting well into the night, and winced in pain with her bowel movements. She also was unable to sleep or breastfeed due to the crying.

The patient, "on her initial visit, was crying and in obvious distress. She left the office, after her first adjustment, crying less and with less distress. She was scheduled for a second visit on the following day. On this visit the patient was sleeping and there were no signs of distress. The parents reported the following: "after her first visit, she slept the entire night. She did not have the crying spells and we reduced the medication to once per day. After two weeks of chiropractic care the parents reported the following "she (the patient) no longer takes her medication daily. She is now a happy baby. She eats, sleeps and has regular bowel movements with no pain. For the first time since she was born, she slept through the night."
"Complete resolution of the colic symptoms was seen after 8 visits over 4 weeks. A follow up discussion with the patient's parents found that the colic symptoms have not returned and the patient has been very healthy."

Another important study from Denmark found 94% of a group of 316 children with infantile colic responded very favorably to chiropractic care. 

Dr. Borio explains the key to understanding how chiropractic care is helpful is to look within the spine at the nervous system. “Seeing where the nerves or wire of communication to the digestive system are being effected, is the basis in the understanding of how infants as well as adults respond favorably to chiropractic care”, states Dr. Borio.

Dr. Joe Borio and Borio Chiropractic’s purpose is to educate and adjust families toward a better, healthier and stronger life naturally.

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