Colasoft Launched Unified Performance Management (UPM) Platform

UPM v4.1 is capable of monitoring service quality of all aspects of a business network, quickly detecting and pinpointing problems affecting performance and stability of key business segments.

Colasoft LLC, a leading provider of innovative and affordable network analysis solutions, announces the release of a new business-oriented network performance management solution today. This new technology, known as Colasoft Unified Performance Management (UPM), partners best with our existing product, Colasoft nChronos. It collects all analysis data from nChronos, summarizes the data and displays the final results onto the dashboard.

Colasoft UPM is able to Visualize Business Running Status which enhances network management by providing a more business-oriented network management compared to most physical-oriented network management.  This enables users to make proactive network analysis decisions based on each business system monitored. Operations staff have the capability to know the running quality of every single business segment at any time by displayed graphs and charts of the running status of business elements.

With the Quick Analysis of Business Performance Problem function, Colasoft UPM graphically displays the running status of all the applications which form a business network. With UPM graphs, users can view the application services, hosts and network paths supporting business systems. Colasoft UPM also supports graphic displays of key performance indexes and working status of all business elements, to help users quickly locate the root cause of the business system anomaly.

“In the fast growing network technology area, the combination of network and business systems are now intertwined.” said Brian K. Smith, Vice President of Colasoft LLC, “Today’s complex, hybrid networks require a more sophisticated technology to manage business networks. Colasoft UPM provides the solution that allows industry to deal with a rapidly growing network problem.”

About UPM

Colasoft Unified Performance Management (UPM) platform is a business-oriented network performance management solution. It is capable of monitoring service quality for all aspects of a business network and quickly detecting and pinpointing problems affecting performance and stability within key business segments. UPM will maximize business network management efficiency and network fault troubleshooting capability by providing business-centered network analysis supporting environment review, real-time performance monitoring and the quick detection of network faults. Colasoft UPM collects all real-time analysis data from Colasoft nChronos which is deployed across each network node providing operations staff with vivid and graphic views of every node in the business network.

About Colasoft

Since 2001, Colasoft, an Oklahoma Company, has been an innovative provider of all-in-one and easy-to-use software solutions for users to monitor network activities, analyze network performance, enhance network security, and troubleshoot network problems. Currently, more than 5,000 customers in over 90 countries trust the company's flagship product, Capsa Packet Sniffer, as their network monitoring and troubleshooting solution. Please visit for more information.