Coins.Live Launches Comprehensive ICO Calendar Giving ICOs an Opportunity to Reach Thousands of Potential Investors

Coins.Live provides a cryptocurrency platform with a global community of over 400,000 users, including investors, traders, and entrepreneurs.

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The cryptocurrency platform, Coins.Live, has just launched a comprehensive ICO calendar. This new feature provides up and coming ICOs a chance to garner the interest of thousands of potential investors who visit Coins.Live each day.

Each ICO’s profile page provides a wealth of information to the public. It gives an overview of the company, its vision and insight into the team, milestones and timeline behind it. Additionally, it offers quick access to important data points such as dates of the offering, fundraising goals, technical stats, and links to relevant social profiles and documentation.

“We are excited to launch this new feature to our community and those launching new ICOs,” says Connor Black, VP of Product of Coins.Live. “We are a team who believes in the future of blockchain technology and strive to build tools that help support positive growth of the entire ecosystem.”

Coins.Live provides real-time cryptocurrency prices, trending news, and tools such as a portfolio and favorites tracker. The website and mobile app also offer detailed coin profiles of over 3,200 different cryptocurrencies.

The Coins.Live app is available at both the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android. For more information, visit

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Coins.Live began in 2017 as a small community of blockchain enthusiasts obsessed with using the technology to help shape the future of finance. Since then, we’ve grown to over 400,000 users, including investors, traders, and entrepreneurs from all across the globe. Our mission is simple: provide cutting-edge blockchain products, services, and education to make participation in the market more accessible than ever before.

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Coins.Live is a cryptocurrency platform with a global community of investors, traders, and entrepreneurs.

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