CoinLoan Crypto-to-Fiat Lending Company Enables Credit Card Deposits

CoinLoan P2P crypto-to-fiat lending platform became the first on the market to accept fiat payments via Visa and MasterCard. For lenders and borrowers, the update means flexibility seen never before.

CoinLoan Crypto-to-Fiat Lending Company Enables Credit Card Deposits

With an opportunity to use credit or debit card of almost any bank in the world directly, a potential investor does not need to deposit fiat using expensive international transfers or make payments through external e-payment platforms. Now fiat deposits are instant and direct with no intermediaries.

Direct payments have been a sorely missed feature among leading crypto-lending companies. Changing this, CoinLoan confirms one more time a reputation of the platform with sophisticated technical solutions and rich functionality.

“The сredit card deposits update is a crucial milestone for CoinLoan and platform users since the interface between crypto and fiat is still a pain point that causes many complications. The next step is to enable withdrawals on credit cards, work on this solution is currently in progress,” commented Alex Faliushin, Co-Founder and CEO on CoinLoan.

Alex Faliushin added: “We expect that a fast and easy way to invest and borrow against crypto will boost the platform growth. Convenient deposit and withdrawal process will introduce the advantages of crypto-to-fiat lending to a wider audience.”

Source: Coinloan Medium


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