Coin Ninja Releases DropBit™: A Mobile Bitcoin Wallet That Makes Transacting Bitcoin as Easy as Sending a Text Message


Coin Ninja is a U.S.-based company whose mission is to accelerate the global adoption of Bitcoin. They are unveiling their latest Bitcoin project, allowing users to send and receive Bitcoin via text messages through their mobile wallet, DropBit.  

Coin Ninja, is an innovative Bitcoin-focused development company, creating tools for both Bitcoin enthusiasts and those brand new to Bitcoin. Some currently available tools include a lightning fast block explorer, as well as a portal for Bitcoin education, aimed at new users. They’re now releasing their biggest project to date called, DropBit. The beauty of DropBit takes form by way of a wallet designed to make it easy for people to receive their first Bitcoin, even without currently owning a wallet or address. DropBit may be the fastest and easiest way to send and receive Bitcoin, and has created a seamless way to send Bitcoin to your contacts using only their mobile phone number. The ‘text Bitcoin’ feature, deals only with sending and receiving addresses, meaning the user holds the private keys, and they’re not held with CoinNinja, or DropBit. Bitcoin ownership remains with the users, which is so important to the very ethos of Bitcoin.

The company also emphasizes safety and security regarding both transactions and contacts. Coin Ninja’s CEO, Larry Harmon, a long-time developer, has been working on Bitcoin projects for over 5 years. He states:

“We know how important it is that our wallet makes it easier to transact Bitcoin to new users while maintaining all of the key protocols for advanced Bitcoin users - namely custodial ownership and anonymity”.  

For a more detailed explanation of the DropBit experience, please visit here.

As for the release of the app, the company says it has taken the better part of 2018 in development to maximize the security and functionality for both iOS and Android. The company said it was imperative to come out of the gate supporting both platforms, especially iOS, where there is a conspicuous lack of quality mobile wallet options, currently available.

Included on the DropBit roadmap will be support for Bech32 addresses, Lightning Network support, and an open source version of the wallet. The company will also continue to focus on ensuring the user experience is intuitive for new Bitcoin users –the intention is that DropBit will be a popular on-ramp for those yet to take the plunge into Bitcoin.

About Coin Ninja

Coin Ninja is a 15 person company based in the United States with offices in Akron, Ohio and Silicon Valley, California. Their mission is to accelerate the global adoption of Bitcoin.

Aside from DropBit, additional tools available from Coin Ninja include a Block Explorer, a Bitcoin news hub, and a Bip70 Buster, which allows one to send a Bitcoin payment from any wallet, even if it does not support BIP70.

More information is available about Coin Ninja on its website (, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the company's blog. &

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