CodeMint Announces the Change of Keyword to Final Year Project Research Topics and On-Page Optimization

After thorough keyword research, CodeMint has come up with the keyword 'Final Year Project Research Topics' as a general keyword. This major change is to make it easy for researchers and final year students to locate and make productive use of the platform.

CodeMint Announces the Change of Keyword to Final Year Project Research Topics and On-Page Optimization image

CodeMint is glad to announce the change of its general keyword to “Final Year Project Research Topics.” This is due to the increasing need to make the web pages on the website more visible on search engines. As for optimization, over 200 pages on CodeMint now have a page load speed of two seconds less than the previous page load speed of four seconds.

The change of keyword to Final Year Project Research Topics can be viewed here

“As a necessary aspect of our optimization campaign, every page on this website is proposed to have at least a load speed of two seconds. Currently, we have implemented this in part, having optimized over 200 pages on CodeMint,” said Japhet Johnson, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), CodeMint. “This update has not in any way affected CodeMint’s page linking and way of operation; the images are light and descriptive enough.” 

Using the Right Keywords

Choosing the right keyword for a website is really important. To get to the top of any search engine for any given keyword, the website owner has to outrank the website(s) that rank top for that keyword. Consequently, staying at the top is not guaranteed because a ranking website can be displaced at any time.

For instance, a website ranks first for a keyword, but from analysis, the website is seen to rank for the wrong keyword. This is not only frustrating but can demoralize the website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team and subsequently put the website out of business. That is why it is good to do thorough keyword research before on-page and off-page optimization than other SEO services.

It is in this regard that CodeMint, after thorough keyword research, has come up with the keyword “Final Year Project Research Topics” as a general keyword. Other departmental keywords are as follows:

1. Computer science final year project topics - click here to view.

2. Business administration final year project topics - click here to view.

3. Accounting final year project topics - click here to view.

4. Mass communication final year project topics - click here to view. 

5. Economics final year project topics - click the link to view.

This major change is to make it easy for researchers and final year students to locate and make productive use of the platform.

How to Perform Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important activities associated with SEO success. Targeting the right keyword is very significant as it is the first step to the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Keyword research involves a bit of common sense and the help of some online tools. Some of these online tools are free, while for others, payment is required to get full access.

Good keyword research consists of three distinct phases.

1.     Brainstorming a common-sense keyword that has to do with your business:

Think of what a user will type into Google search if the user is in need of a particular service or product. For instance, a final student looking for a project research topic in the department of education needs to get sample project topics. The first thing that will come to the student's mind is something like “education final year project research topics” (, “project topics on education,” “education project topics,” “education project topic ideas” and so on. After identifying these samples, pick a few of them and jot them down.

2.     Gathering relevant keywords from Google itself:

Google planner tool; a powerful keyword tool is vital in this regard. Use the Google Planner Tool to see exactly what people are searching on Google and how they get to a website. It also shows competitor website analysis alongside the approximate number of search queries daily, monthly and yearly. Google Planner Tool allows grouping of search queries by location in terms of the Country or city people are searching from. 

3.     Check how effective the keyword is:

Think quality instead of quantity; keyword effectiveness has to do with the visitor insights and the goal for a website. Avoid going for highly competitive keywords especially if the website is not already on the first page or does not yet have enough visitor traffic.

Let’s Talk a Little About On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is a process that precedes ranking on SERPs. It includes building engaging content for a keyword just like the “final project research topics” in the case of CodeMint for inner pages, internal page linking, adding page responsiveness both for mobile and desktop devices, page load speed, title tags, URL structures, setting the right image descriptions and several others.

All these might seem straightforward, but on-page optimization is more technical than perceived, especially when it has to do with compressing images and other media content from a hosting server to a user’s browser without compromising the image or media content quality. It is a technical aspect of SEO that is why the CodeMint team has adopted necessary tools at their disposal to keep the site running effectively.

What Future Plans Does CodeMint Have as a Team for On-Page Optimization?

CodeMint team is not going back as far as on-page optimization is concerned. From the look of things, it seems they have learned a lot from the past, and they are set to "take the bull by the horn" subsequently to improve results.

Worthwhile work has already been done concerning page loading speed.

For more details and information about this change of keyword “final year project research topics” and CodeMint services, contact our help desk.

Phone: (+234) 906 451 7926

Source: CodeMint Research Hub

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