COAST Autonomous and DG Cities Announce Collaboration to Transform Cities Through the Integration of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Partnership provides world-class expertise in smart city development and self-driving vehicles for urban environments.

COAST Autonomous P-1 Shuttle

COAST Autonomous (“COAST”) announced today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with DG Cities, an expert in smart city development that is a subsidiary of the Royal Borough of Greenwich in London.

DG Cities and COAST will work together to provide consultancy services related to the design and implementation of transportation for people and/or goods using Autonomous Vehicles (“AVs”). COAST and DG Cities’ complementary skills will offer cities a path to a sustainable and more livable future. This includes the four pillars of an integrated framework approach, to design:

1)     spatial planning and the strategic design of the built environment;

2)     digital infrastructure and new technologies;

3)     new mobility services; and

4)     future vehicles.

“Electric shared AVs create the opportunity for cities to reinvent their environments and make them more liveable,” said Trevor Dorling, DG Cities, Managing Director. “Reducing the number of cars in urban centers will deliver many benefits and opportunities: improving air quality, allowing roads to be replaced with landscaping and car parks to be repurposed. We are excited to partner with COAST, as we share the same vision for cities, which the global discussion on air pollution and climate change is making more critical than ever. COAST’s unique technology, practical approach and ambition present a real opportunity to accelerate the take-up of autonomous vehicles and deliver benefits for cities and their citizens. Technology itself is not enough, and our expertise in smart city integration and design, alongside COAST’s capabilities in self-driving vehicles for urban environments, means we can offer a full service to clients looking to achieve meaningful impact.”   

“We have been aware of DG Cities’ work in this area for some time. Their focus on cities and people aligns closely with our belief that autonomous vehicles must deliver real benefits for cities and their citizens,” said COAST CTO Pierre Lefevre. “Through our partnership, we are able to offer clients our world-leading technology and vehicles, alongside expert advice on how to utilize the technology to best address city needs. We are looking forward to working with DG Cities to identify exciting deployment opportunities and explaining to cities around the world how they can replace cars with COnnected Autonomous Shared Transportation and start to COAST!”

About COAST Autonomous

COAST Autonomous is a self-driving technology company providing mobility solutions to move people and goods at appropriate speeds in urban and campus environments. COAST’s mission is to build community by connecting people with mobility solutions that put pedestrians first and give cities back to people. At the center of one of the fastest and most profound disruptions to impact the transportation and logistics industries, COAST has developed the full stack of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) software that includes mapping and localization, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), fleet management and supervision systems. Partnering with proven manufacturers, COAST can provide a variety of vehicles equipped with its best-in-class software to offer Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions to cities, theme parks, campuses, airports, and other private sites. Based in Pasadena, California, COAST’s team is recognized for its experience and expertise in all aspects of implementing and operating AV fleets while prioritizing safety and the user experience. To learn how COAST Autonomous can help you power autonomous transportation in your environment, please visit

Contact: Aimie Nghiem, Director of Program Development, COAST Autonomous
Tel: +1-626-838-2469

About DG Cities

DG Cities Ltd (Digital Greenwich) is an Urban Innovation Company that specializes in the development and implementation of integrated smart city approaches to deliver more sustainable, resilient and vibrant futures. DG Cities’ holistic approach places the focus on the urban design and planning of a city’s physical infrastructure and systems while harnessing the potential of digital infrastructure, new technologies and data analytics to optimize city infrastructure and services. This allows DG Cities to deliver greater value to people and communities while reducing the pressure on the environment.

A subsidiary of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, it has played a prominent role in establishing Greenwich as one of the U.K.’s leading smart cities.

DG Cities' recent white paper identifies that the secret of safer, more prosperous, innovative, sustainable and resilient urban societies lies in the successful integration of the different systems that create the urban environment and make it “liveable.”  

For more information: DG Cities White Paper

Contact: Vicki Deblasi, DG Cities
Tel: +447803582088

Source: COAST Autonomous