Co-Founder of Coinounce Joins SSG Management

Alex Lempka

SSG Management is a marketing and communications firm, whose global campaigns and inbound strategies raised an excess of 50 million dollars this year alone. They accommodate clients in blockchain, gaming, and fintech industries.

Alexander Lempka recently joined SSG as Chief Sales Officer. Lempka co-founded Coinounce, the premier translation agency for the fintech world. Throughout his time as founder, Alexander Lempka supervised over 200 successful translation and marketing projects.

“We're thrilled to gain someone as talented as Alex. As we grow, our ability to help clients energize engagement and acquire capital increases as well. With Alex on board, we now have media outlets and investor connections in the U.S., European, and Asian markets,” said Haydn Snape, CEO of SSG Management.

Source: SSG Management

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