CMC Government Supply Offers Less Lethal Products to Texas Law Enforcement at BuyBoard Pricing

Combined Tactical Systems Less Lethal products are available with special contract pricing on BuyBoard through CMC Government Supply. These products are available to Law Enforcement only and offer different units and teams various options.

Law Enforcement departments and agencies in Texas can take advantage of special pricing from CMC Government Supply on non-lethal options to de-escalate situations and control subjects.

Law Enforcement departments are always looking for the best ways to deal with situations with the least amount of force. CMC carries an extensive line of products that give officers the tools they need to accomplish this quickly and safely.

For instance, the Combined Tactical Systems CTS 2581 12 Gauge Super-Sock Bean Bag round is designed to deliver its kinetic energy over a large area. Upon exiting the weapon barrel, it immediately deploys to final shape, eliminating any minimum range needed to unfold, in contrast to similar products. With optimal ranges from 5 and 20 yards, and accuracies of 4” or better, the Super-Sock is an excellent option for officers.

CMC recommends the full line of Combined Tactical Systems OC products, such as their Level 1 OC MK-9 Stream. This capsaicin based pepper spray has 0.18% capsaicinoids with an effective range of 3 to 4.5 meters, depending upon the canister size. The MK-9 Level 1 OC contains 12.5 ounces while the MK-3 has 1.5 ounces.  If a stronger product is required, departments can choose the OC Level 3 with 1.33% capsaicinoid concentration.

Other missions require different products.  CTS Smoke & Irritant Munitions, Flash-bangs and Warning Munitions, and other Impact Munitions provide alternatives.

Texas Law Enforcement departments can take advantage of the special contract pricing that CMC Government Supply offers through BuyBoard. CMC Government Supply is an Authorized Law Enforcement Dealer for Combined Tactical Systems’ many less lethal crowd control and apprehension products. CMC also has a certified Trainer on staff who can guide your team in making selections and in getting training to use these products safely and with maximum effectiveness.  For more details, visit

About CMC Government Supply:

CMC Government Supply provides United States federal, state & local governments and authorized government contractors specialized products, software, data and services. Most of our products are used for military, intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement, public safety and general government applications. Dallas, Texas based CMC Government Supply is classified as a small business supplier to all federal, state and local governments. For more information, visit