Cluvio Announces New Pricing Including a Completely Free Cloud Analytics Plan

Cluvio, the first cloud analytics SaaS platform to offer combined power of SQL and R for data science and visualization, today announced the launch of new pricing options, including Cluvio Free and Cluvio Starter plans, to simplify the entry into the data-driven era for Small and Medium Enterprises.

With Cluvio Free, a complete hosted cloud solution for SQL analytics, any company or individual can, within minutes, build interactive and live dashboards based on their business data, all completely free of charge. “This is a unique offering in the analytics industry and a great entry point for any small company or startup to start getting insights into their operations,” says Ian Formanek, Founder and CEO of Cluvio, an industry veteran that co-founded several successful companies, including GoodData, NetBeans and 9Cookies. “We believe that companies of every size benefit from extracting knowledge from their business data, and that’s why we are expanding the pricing options to allow literally everyone to do that,” added Formanek.

Cluvio Starter plan is a cost-effective step up that adds unlimited SQL query executions, faster refresh rates for dashboards, SQL alerts that allow to trigger email notifications based on data in the database and more.

Cluvio Pro and Cluvio Business offer full-featured analytics for the whole company. Powerful user management, sharing for both internal and external use, dedicated support and loads of other features make it a very compelling solution for companies of any size. 

About Cluvio

Cluvio builds a cloud SQL analytics platform designed to revolutionize how companies of all sizes leverage their data. Cluvio was founded in 2015 in Berlin, Germany, and launched its platform in October 2016.

A key part of the Cluvio product philosophy is that companies should not have to choose which employees have access to analytics to save costs on a per-seat pricing. In today’s world, almost every function in a company benefits from making their decisions based on measured, exact data. With Cluvio, unlimited free viewer accounts allow companies of every size to build dashboards for every single function or department and not have to worry about the costs exploding.

You can read more about Cluvio and create a free account at

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