Clutch Launches App to Help Gamers Find Community Through Gameplay Clips

Clutch, the service users are calling "the Instagram for gaming," has launched a new app on iOS and Android to help gamers find community through short, personal gameplay clips.

Founded by early Pinterest product engineers Ryan Probasco and Evrhet Milam, Clutch launched the first versions of the network earlier in 2019. The co-founders would routinely capture clips of their gameplay, but they realized it was extremely hard to share that content with other gamers.

“We first built a tool to help share short-form video clips and the demand surprised us,” said Ryan Probasco, CEO and co-founder of Clutch. “We realized that gamers needed more than just a tool to share their clips. They also wanted an encouraging, positive community that they could keep coming back to.”

Today, it's easy to record short game highlight clips on most PCs and consoles, but it's difficult to edit and share them with the broader gaming community. Clutch has created the ideal home for this content, giving the 600M+ viewers of gaming video content (GVC) a community focused around highlights that isn’t served by Twitch, Youtube, Instagram and other networks. 

“Most gamers had great gaming content in the form of short video clips, but they didn’t have a place to share it. Some were getting lost in the crowd of more general video-sharing platforms. Others weren’t even sharing their amazing moments because there wasn’t an obvious home for them.”

Unlike other gaming platforms, it’s not about the quality of their streaming equipment or the ability to become a mega-influencer. Instead, Clutch helps gamers develop an online reputation based on the quality of their gameplay and contribution to the community.

Clutch has built tools that make it easy for gamers to get clips off their PC or console, edit those clips and share them with an inclusive community. The platform is powered by a proprietary algorithm which makes it easy for gamers to get their clips seen and engaged with from the moment they join the platform.

The app offers live Challenges, which give gamers an opportunity to shine and earn badges – regardless of how long they've been on the platform. All gamers need is a single good clip and the community will do the rest.

Clutch has also found an audience of gamers who just want to watch great gameplay highlights. The platform serves these gamers by curating collections of clips from consoles like Xbox and PS4 and games like Fortnite.

The Clutch blog regularly publishes new content and covers a number of topics, ranging from joining Destiny clans to comparisons of streaming platforms like Mixer vs Twitch. It’s just another way that Clutch is helping their community of gamers to create and share better gaming highlights.

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