Clutch Expands Company Reach With Satellite Office in Ohio

Clutch Management Concepts will be expanding its operations into a new market in Ohio. The firm's President announced the assistant manager who has been promoted to lead the expansion, and her new responsibilities.

“The energy in our office is charged with excitement right now, and for good reason,” stated Zack, President of Clutch Management Concepts. “Thanks to increased demand for our company’s consulting and marketing services, we’re expanding into a new state! Along with this exciting news is another big announcement: Adriana has been promoted to lead the new office.”

Adriana was an assistant manager for our firm, and she recently earned the chance to lead Clutch Management Concepts into Ohio in the coming weeks. She started with the company in November and has worked diligently to learn the best practices for running a business. Adriana is a perfect example of how our commitment to internal promotions motivates associates to push themselves and achieve their professional potential, and this is why she is certain to thrive in her new role. 

“I’m excited to start growing the Clutch Management Concepts brand, and the new headquarters creates opportunities for travel and cross-training,” declared Zack. “A few of our current team members will be joining Adriana in opening the new office, which gives them the chance to prove themselves and help start their own branches one day. The expansion also means that we’ll be interviewing candidates for entry-level positions at both locations.”

What Adriana Will Do in Her New Clutch Management Concepts Office

As quickly as possible, Adriana will be getting her Clutch Management Concepts satellite office up to about 20 or 25 team members, Zack stated. She has her own strategies ready to launch for recruiting, interviewing, and on-boarding her new crew. There are a number of new outreach campaigns ready to launch as soon as her staff is fully trained, so time is of the essence. 

“Then, once the new HQ is up and running, Adriana and her managers will be guiding the development of these novice associates, helping them meet or even exceed their predetermined goals. She’ll be planning weekly team meetings to keep the fundamentals of sales, customer service, and marketing on the front of everyone’s minds. Then, of course, there are a variety of administrative tasks to see to as well. She’ll be busy for sure – but Adriana has proven her ability to handle all this and more, so I’m confident that she will be a huge success.”

About Clutch Management Concepts:

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