Clutch Exotics Now Offering Luxury Car and Yacht Rentals With Unforgettable Experiences Where Drivers Can Dare to Dream

The rising supercar rental service provides Miami locals, wandering travelers and business executives the chance to travel in style and luxury.

Supercar and Luxury Yacht Rentals in Miami

Clutch Exotics, a luxury car and yacht rental service, has officially begun offering exotic rental experiences for South Florida locals and visitors. Serving communities in Miami, Boca Raton, Aventura, Delray Beach and surrounding areas, Clutch Exotics specializes in providing its clients with the most luxurious vehicles and motorized toys in the Sunshine State. 

Currently, Clutch Exotics offers a wide variety of luxury and exotic cars ranging from coupes, sedans and SUVs. With models from renowned brands such as Lamborghini, McLaren, Bentley, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Cadillac and BMW among others, Clutch Exotics' customers never have to worry about a lack of selection when scanning through vehicle catalogs. 

Clients can be picked up in or have their Clutch Exotic supercars delivered to the airport, hotel, or destination of their choice. Those seeking the VIP Clutch Exotics lifestyle can also take advantage of the Clutch Exotic chauffeur services. Clients can be driven in luxury by an experienced chauffeur, ensuring they arrive at their destination in style with every ride. 

For those interested in enjoying unforgettable experiences at sea, Clutch Exotics offers an assortment of high-end yachts and watercraft. Book dream yachts that are perfect for parties, corporate events, and those spontaneous "just because" moments that can occur out of the blue. Clutch Exotics yachts sail from 40-foot to 120-foot long. "Sail with us today," said Rob Kotelsky, founder and current CEO of Clutch Exotics.

At Clutch Exotics, our jet ski club offers 72 hours of luxurious jet ski use for a period of one year. Daily rentals are available as well.

"Our message to South Florida locals and visitors is 'Dare to Dream with Clutch Exotics with unforgettable experiences,'" said Rob Kotelsky, the founder and current CEO of Clutch Exotics. "When our clients want to seize dream-like experiences through our selection of high-octane vehicles, yachts, and watercraft, we make sure we come in clutch to make those dreams a reality." 

To learn more about Clutch Exotics and the Clutch Club Exclusive Membership in which clients can drive a new supercar daily, please visit or call 305-744-5104.

About Clutch Exotics 

Exotic cars and fabulous yachts are not just for the rich and famous. Clutch Exotics will change your perspective of what luxury really is with one of the models from a current selection, which includes sports models to luxury SUVs. Whether you're looking in Miami or Aventura (or both), we have something that surely impresses even the most selective drivers as well as 5-star service with a crewed charter exclusive yachting experience.

We specialize in providing our clients with luxurious toys for their excitement while visiting the Sunshine State.

Explore the rest of our website to see all the services we have to offer to you. Get in touch with us today by either clicking our Book Now or simply by giving us a call or even our email. Our experienced staff is always here to answer any question of yours. "We come in Clutch" at Clutch Exotics.

Source: Clutch Exotics

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About Clutch Exotics

Clutch Exotics is a luxury car and yacht rental service offering Unforgettable Experiences for South Florida locals and visitors. "Dare to Dream".
Contact us today for all your luxury car and yacht rental dreams at 305-744-5104

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