Introduces Player and Coach Evaluation Module for Player Development Software

The new evaluation module has been incorporated as a standard feature in the ClubSportal player development software and is immediately available to both existing and new clients at

ClubSportal LLC, the provider of revolutionary player development software for sports teams and clubs, announced today the release of a Player and Coach Evaluation Module for its player development platform. Understanding the needs of sports clubs to continually evaluate player growth and progress, ClubSportal introduced the new module to allow coaches to provide meaningful feedback for players in a format that can be retained and referred to throughout a player’s development.

“The evaluation module rounds out our development platform,” said Yuri Bogdanov, President of ClubSportal LLC. “In addition to creating and implementing curriculums, sports clubs can now benchmark players within those curriculums to ensure that players are progressing the way they should be. We have also provided the ability for club administrators to evaluate coaches as part of the continuing pursuit of excellence.”

While other player evaluation software exists, ClubSportal’s evaluation module is integrated into its larger player development platform, so evaluations are not recorded in a vacuum. Coaches can now tie specific curriculums, practices and activities to player performance.  The resulting records provide a very granular picture of player development.  This in turn allows coaches to precisely focus on the individual needs of each player. Progress can then be tracked for each player from age group to age group to ensure the consistency and continuity of training that players need to succeed. is your Club's platform for creating and propagating your player development model, along with the curriculum necessary to ensure that appropriate training is offered at all stages of the development continuum.


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