Clubessential Announces the Private Club Industry's First Predictive Analytics Platform

Clubessential, an all-in-one member engagement and management software provider for private clubs, is excited to announce the launch of their Membership Analytics Predictor solution, the private club industry’s first predictive analytics platform.

Clubs collect data from thousands of members, over dozens of years, across multiple systems, representing tens of thousands of transactions. Club executives work to derive insights from that data and then draw on those insights to shape business decisions and, ultimately, improve business performance. But many executives struggle to consolidate all of this information into a report that actually means something and that can be used going forward.

“Every club’s top focus is member engagement. Providing the tools that allow our club’s management team to focus on their members, versus pouring through the data to make informed decisions on how to retain and grow their membership, is our top priority,” said Lynn Mangan, President at Clubessential.

Membership Analytics Predictor allows executives to define and understand what constitutes an engaged member. "To a certain degree, Clubs have to accept lifestyle changes, relocation or medical and financial hardships; what we can control is dissatisfaction changes. This tool allows our service recovery efforts to catch opportunities earlier and better than any prior system or procedure we’ve used,” detailed Greg Gilg, General Manager at Field Club of Omaha. “With the MAP, we can proactively address member accounts and issues, instead of waiting for the member to initiate their complaint (or even resignation) and having to react on their terms." 

The Clubessential MAP module aggregates all the data already in a club’s system and models that information to identify who is engaged and predict who is at risk.The Membership Analytics Predictor has been a great way to monitor members engagement with our Clubs and recognize negative trends before they turn into actions where we end up losing those members. The potential of this module could be huge for the golf industry,” explained Bonnie Scoggins, Vice President at Toll Brothers. With the click of a button, clubs have access to individual member trend analysis and reports on who has fallen below the engagement threshold. Club can use this data to re-engage a member before a cancellation notice or pair one highly engaged member with a prospect to enhance recruiting efforts.  

"The more tools we have to think ahead and think for us, the better our operation becomes,” said Gilg. “All Clubs are good at delivering high-quality experiences to those who are high-users; the MAP allows us to ensure a better member experience for all members, especially those where the experience may not have been as perfect as we desire." 

Predictive analytics allow clubs to focus on the future and make in-the-moment decisions. Clubessential is excited to introduce the Membership Analytics Predictor to the industry and further enable clubs to recruit, engage and retain #members4life. 


Clubessential provides a full suite of membership and club management solutions to country, golf, city, yacht and other private clubs. The Clubessential Suite consists of website, tee times, mobile apps, accounting, POS, CRM and other software solutions that help over 1,300 private clubs better attract, engage and retain their members.

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