Club Feast, the Hot New Startup, Offers $6.95 Restaurant Meals With Free Delivery to Your Door

Restaurant delivery re-imagined: Club Feast is poised to disrupt the industry by delivering meals at a 40% discount to competitors' prices through an efficient subscription-based model with no membership fee

​​​​​​Club Feast — an affordable, subscription-based restaurant delivery service — offers a wide range of signature dishes from neighborhood favorites for only $6.95 per meal delivered at pre-selected times with no membership fee. Currently, Feast partners with San Francisco favorites such as The Halal Guys, Kitava, and Voodoo Love and plans to expand nationwide in the coming months.

Subscribers browse a wide selection of top meals from participating restaurants and choose a delivery time that suits their schedule. Feast’s model allows subscribers to pre-order all of their meals for the week at once, or they can order single meals with just one day's notice to maximize flexibility. To get started, visit

Offering meals for only $6.95 each with free delivery, a 40% discount compared to competitors’ prices, Feast is setting a new chapter for the restaurant delivery industry. Feast’s users can save hundreds of dollars every month while getting the same high-quality meals as other restaurant delivery services. Feast gives its members access to convenient, locally sourced meals without the steep price tag. 

Supporting its partner restaurants is core to Feast’s mission. Feast helps local restaurants by generating a new revenue stream and serves customers as they adjust to the realities of the pandemic. Unlike traditional delivery services that cut into restaurant profits, this subscription-based service seeks to support local restaurants in multiple ways. By curating a select menu of dishes, no meal customization, and optimizing delivery schedules in advance, Feast allows restaurants to maximize efficiency, manage work flows, and utilize kitchens during non-peak hours. This support, paired with competitive pricing, provides restaurants with additional revenue streams and enhanced profitability in this uncertain time. 

Feast is deeply committed to serving both its customers and restaurant partners, offering a convenient, affordable service that benefits all stakeholders.

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About Feast

Feast is a technology company that delivers premium meals from restaurants at a 40% discount to competitors’ prices through an efficient subscription-based model with no membership fee. Feast offers flexible lunch and dinner subscription plans that allow customers to pre-order signature dishes from leading restaurants in their city — and get food delivered right to their door — for just $6.95 per meal. Our food-first business model is an all-around win for our restaurant partners, our delivery partners, and our subscribers. For more information, visit Follow Feast on Facebook @ClubFeast, Instagram @ClubFeast and on Twitter @ClubFeast.

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About ClubFeast Inc.

Club Feast connects companies with their favorite local restaurants and provides a simple, white glove experience with scheduled food delivery. Club Feast enhances restaurants' profitability, saves clients' money, and makes work better!

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