Clovers Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire TalVista

Integrated HR Technologies Aim to Increase DEI&B in Hiring

Clovers acquires Talvista

Today, Clovers has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire TalVista.

Clovers is an HR technology company that provides intelligent interview software to its users. Their video interview solution supports structured, fair interviews and integrates natively with Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Clovers aims to help businesses improve the interview process and hire stronger, more diverse teams with efficiency.

TalVista is also focused on helping organizations increase diversity in the workplace through better hiring practices. They offer technology that drives data-driven candidate attraction and screening and promotes bias-free hiring. To do so, they allow users to optimize inclusive language in job descriptions and redact identifying information from resumes for blind resume reviews. 

Together, Clovers and TalVista aim to further reduce the harm of bias in the hiring and interview process. Their integrated technology will help organizations reach DEI&B goals efficiently and effectively.

"In the last two years, we have seen DEI concerns rise to the top priority in nearly every research effort we have produced, but employers sometimes aren't sure how to proceed in a practical way," said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory. "Both Talvista and Clovers have given employers clear options for creating more inclusive organizations, benefiting not only candidates but companies as well. This combination bodes well for companies that care about creating a workplace where everyone belongs."

Douglas Leonard, CEO of Clovers, says of the acquisition: "I am really excited about the value our clients will get from our two companies working together. We will provide a closed-loop solution for the entire interview—from job descriptions, asking the right questions at the right time, to collaboration with teams."

"Combining our two expertise of recruiting and hiring is a win-win for our current and future clients," said Scot Sessions, CEO of TalVista. "Organizations now have a way to hire more inclusively, with a trusted system for sourcing highly qualified, diverse candidates."

Both Clovers and TalVista look forward to the success their joint ventures will bring to their users. 

About Clovers: Founded in 2021, Clovers saw the worldwide shift to remote work and developed interview software to meet the demand. Their primary aim is to help other organizations build better teams by conducting better interviews. More information can be found at

About Talvista: Since its inception, this woman-owned business set out to combat unconscious bias in the hiring process. They offer research-based software that promotes inclusion and diversity in hiring. To learn more, visit

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