Cloudsfer Multi-Migration Continues to Offer Cutting-Edge File, Photo & User Migration Tools & Solutions

Cloudsfer has been utilizing Tzunami's technology to offer high quality innovative tools and services in content migration, ever since its launch in 2014. Starting with their Cloud Migration Service, they have now widened their range of services including: Flexible Scheduling, Multi-User Migration, On-Premise System to Cloud Migration

Cloudsfer Enterprise Data Migration

Cloudsfer is putting their own spin on the technology of Tzunami Inc. becoming industry pioneers in content & data migration from SharePoint to Cloud and obviously from Cloud to Cloud. With a surfeit of creative and advanced tools, Cloudsfer provides improved and advanced versions of those tools that were originally created by Tzunami. The Cloudsfer module helps its customers migrate their data to more than 20 cloud services, easily and swiftly. According to the company, their aim is to make data migration and cloud backup as easy as possible for their customers thereby constantly updating to ensure their clients get the best in migration.

A company representative stated for the press while discussing Cloudsfer’s take on Tzunami’s technology: “Almost every business and organization is now taking advantage of content migration by migrating their data to cloud. This not only makes data management and restoration easy, it also helps companies save time and cut back on labor costs”.

He further added to his statement “Here at Cloudsfer, we offer 24/7 customer support along with a completely secure, trustworthy and fast service. Tzunami’s cutting-edge technology has laid the groundwork for Cloudsfer. By taking Tzunami’s stellar technology and adding Cloudsfer’s innovative approach to data migration, we have created something spectacular for the consumers.”

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Source: Cloudsfer