Clouds Brewing Starts Beer Production

Clouds Brewing has passed federal and state regulations and is now producing their own line of beer to be distributed in the triangle community.

Clouds Brewing was approved by State and Federal agencies to begin the production of their own line of beer.  After more than a year of planning and construction, the Clouds Brewing brewery facility is now up and running.  Located in Raleigh, this 15-barrel brewery will produce beer for the Downtown Raleigh restaurant location, and the upcoming Durham restaurant location which is scheduled to open later this year, as well as eventually selling to other non-affiliated locations within the Triangle community. 

“The permitting process has been a long wait not just for us but for our customers.  Our customers have been patient, and we are happy to finally provide what they have been asking for,” commented John Oldendorf, Chief Brewing Officer for the company.  Mr. Oldendorf recently relocated from Portland, OR to head up brewing operations in Raleigh for Clouds.  “The equipment in place today gives us the capacity to achieve our near term goals as well as the capability to expand as needed to keep up with market demands.”

The Clouds Brewing facility in Raleigh houses a 1-barrel pilot brew house, and a 15-barrel production brew house.  The initial configuration includes three 30-barrel fermentation vessels to allow for a first year production of up to 1,000 barrels of beer.   The brewery was designed with growth in mind; with additional fermentation vessels to be added over the next few years, capacity can be increased ten times in the existing facility.  The brewery will add a limited hour tasting room and begin offering tours in spring 2016.

Clouds Brewing was established in 2014 with the first restaurant located in downtown Raleigh at 126 N. West Street.  With a focus on offering a large and diverse array of craft beer styles, they have created a loyal customer base that continues to grow. This 5000 square foot restaurant maintains 40 tap lines for increased variety.  The Clouds Brewing restaurant utilizes a unique self-service tap wall system, known as The Downpour, which allows customers to experience beers at the quantities they desire.  The addition of their own beer production will provide the management with the ability to better control inventory, as well as providing the local market with more opportunities to experience new beer styles.  Clouds Brewing is very excited to add its own distinctive flavor to the amazing local options available to consumers.

Clouds Brewing is part of the growing expansion of small craft breweries opening in North Carolina.  The state is now home to over 100 independent breweries.  Research provided by the Brewers Association shows that consumers prefer locally made craft beer products, those brewed within 25 miles, to other brands. 

About Clouds Brewing

Clouds Brewing is a North Carolina based brewery and restaurant business with a focus on the high end craft beer market.  It has two restaurants and one brewery with plans to continue expansion both in and outside of North Carolina. 


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About cloudsbrewing

North Carolina based restaurant and brewery. Locations in Raleigh and Durham

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