CloudMounter 4.0 Introduces Native Mount and Offline Editing

The new release of CloudMounter is focused on Amazon, Google Drive, and a new mount mode.

Electronic Team has released CloudMounter 4.0 for Mac. It can log into cloud service accounts and make the drives accessible through Finder. CloudMounter is also able to access servers through the WebDAV and SFTP protocols. It can encrypt stored files with a local key.

In the 4.0 release, several bugs have been addressed, and performance with some platforms and protocols, including pCloud and SFTP, was improved. The core changes in the new version are related to native mounting and interaction with Amazon S3 and Google Drive.

CloudMounter can now utilize Amazon IAM for S3 buckets. This security feature will allow users to change access permissions for files and folders. Google Drive performs better in 4.0, and the ability to create shareable links in the app was introduced.

The new native mount type can offset poor network connection by letting users work with files while they're disconnected and uploading the changes later when the network is available. It also makes CloudMounter work better while it's processing multiple operations at the same time.

Source: Electronic Team, Inc.