Cloud ERP Provides a Path to Recovery in the Aftermath of COVID-19, According to ERP Advisors Group

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​​On Thursday, April 9, 2020, ERP Advisors Group hosted a conference call to examine how cloud ERP solutions could help businesses and non-profit organizations recover in the aftermath of COVID-19. A video of the entire call is available at

Shawn Windle, the Founder and Managing Principal of ERP Advisors Group, took the lead in examining the options that are currently available to small and midsized businesses and organizations.

“When COVID-19 hit, the first impacts we saw were that organizations were figuring out how to keep employees safe while keeping the doors open — the virtual doors, so to speak,” said Windle. “Cloud ERP answers the question of how an organization can keep people in a position where they're able to be productive, but more importantly, healthy, without resorting to downsizing.”

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Windle cautioned that it is important to consider the big picture with enterprise software, without limiting it to “letting people work from home.”

“Those problems have mostly been solved,” he said. “There aren't a lot of organizations now that are worried about WFH. Cloud ERP extends the business beyond the four walls of brick and mortar. We are seeing organizations recognize that moving to a cloud solution is something that they're going to have to do, no matter what. And not just if something like this happens in the future — because cloud ERP helps reduce the risks that your business or organization faces on a daily basis. One of our clients even said that their migration to a cloud ERP was a godsend — that he saved his business by moving to the cloud.”

For organizations that are unable to upgrade in the immediate future, Windle says that now is the time for them to get their houses in order.

“Software is a virtual representation of your organization,” he said. “And if that virtual representation is a mess, it's not going to run very well. So that is one opportunity you have right now, is to clean your data and absolutely scrub it. If you're looking at an enterprise software solution in the future, your biggest risk is that your data is a nightmare.”

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