Cloud Based Contact Center from 3CLogic Enables OWMM to Provide Technical Support for Mac and Windows Users

With 3CLogic, OWMM provides technical help for a vast array of personal devices and computer related issues with uninterrupted 24x7, 365 days a year service. OWMM delivers on-demand technical assistance and support to customers across the globe.

3CLogic, the leader in cloud based contact centers hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), is proud to welcome Oxygen for Windows and Mac Machines (OWMM) to its growing list of satisfied customers. OWMM has a team of knowledgeable experts trained in providing 24x7 technical support for all varieties of computers and personal devices. Providing best of breed support to customers using Windows or Mac, OWMM strives for a solution to the problem on the very first call. By leveraging 3CLogic's cloud based call center, OWMM ensures its customers have all of the latest software updates, bug fixes and virus protection tips and tools to keep their devices working properly. As OWMM provides its customers 24x7 support globally, it is crucial that they leverage a contact center solution with high reliability and availability. 3CLogic provides OWMM with all of the inbound capabilities required to efficiently receive and assist incoming customer inquiries and concerns.

OWMM, located in Sacramento, California, serves as a global support hub for both businesses and at-home-users around the world. Specializing in all computer and smart phone devices, OWMM's one stop shop provides support for a range of devices from printers, peripherals, desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and security tools for the home, to name a few. Additionally, OWMM provides extensive on-demand services and full infrastructure support. Managing core infrastructure technologies, OWMM provides services for server backup management, email support for programs such as Outlook, mailbox management as well as desktop and network management. Their growing list of on demand services also includes virus support and removal as well as any kind of technical inquiries under one roof.

Prashant Bhatnagar, CEO of OWMM stated, "In today's day and time, many people depend on their smart phones and other devices to run many of their daily tasks. A personal device that is working improperly can cause alarm for loss of data or unwanted access. It is critical for us to route every call to the right person with the right skills. With 3CLogic's cloud based call center solution, we offer our customers exceptional service to get their devices working correctly on the first call every time."

Assisting customers internationally, OWMM is equipped with bilingual agents to handle any English or Spanish inquiries. With 3CLogic, OWMM leverages the always on and highly available solution to assist its customers regardless of their individual time zones. Similarly, OWMM is fully equipped to support physically challenged customers through interactive voice response technology (IVR). 3CLogic provides OWMM with customizable IVR features to meet unique business demands. With their ever expanding client list of 5,000 customers globally and growing, OWMM has taken the technology world by storm offering home support in numerous varieties. OWMM provides support globally, extending offerings to Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, the UK and growing in French speaking geographies.

"At 3CLogic, we are extremely proud to say that because of our Virtual Telephony Application Grid (V-TAG) architecture, we are able to guarantee very high levels of uptime and continuous operation", said Raj Sharma, President and CEO of 3CLogic. "We are thrilled to be able to provide our valued customers such as OWMM with the kind of availability and reliability that is required for a 24X7 global operation."

OWMM also benefits from 3CLogic's reporting tools in both real time and historical formats. With 3CLogic's reporting and recording features, OWMM can easily retrieve and track any past interactions for new or repeat customers giving a 360 degree view of all past interactions.

About Oxygen for Windows and Mac Machines (OWMM):
Located in Sacramento, California, OWMM provides businesses with advanced technical support for a variety of products ranging from laptops, desktops, smart phones and more. With offerings extending to areas such as South Africa, New Zealand, UK, Australia and growing in French speaking geographies, OWMM has a growing customer base of 5,000 and counting. With support staff fully equipped to handle any technical issues, OWMM provides strong assistance to Mac and Windows users internationally as well as users requiring disability services. Specializing in support for home use as well as for small to large businesses alike, OWMM's coordinated platform supports for Wireless, Email, Home Network, Antivirus, firewall and parental control issues at an affordable rate. Similarly, OWMM has 24/7 infrastructure support, raging in server and network management and backup, Windows, email and mailbox management, as well as on-demand virus removal. For more information on OWMM please visit