Clothespin Vote Gives a Voice to 25 Million Voters, Launching Flag Day

The presidential election 2016, is drawing increasing numbers of voters and emotions are running high as voters speak out. American voters unhappy with either candidate find a meeting place and a voice on Flag Day, June 14, when launches.

The 2016 Presidential Campaign in the US could reach record voter levels. There could also be considerable fallout if unhappy voters choose not to show at the polls. is creating a movement and a voice for disgruntled Americans everywhere to show up to vote and make their sentiments about the election process, candidates and parties known with their red white and blue clothespins. launches June 14, Flag Day, 2016.

In excess of 25,000,000 Americans engaged in the primary process did not choose Clinton or Trump as a presidential candidate. The Washington Post cited in early June over 12,000,000 votes have been cast against Hillary and more than 15,000,000 votes against Trump. These voters have three options: don't vote, write in, or cast a Clothespin Vote for one of the options on the ballot.

Clothespin Vote is a movement with a symbol. It is an actual clothespin used to show dislike for either candidate while, "holding one's nose" and voting. Clothespin votes have occurred in politics throughout time. During the French Presidential Election in 2002, French voters turned out in masses, with clothespins in their pockets.

This tiny, but powerful piece of hardware is a vehicle for disenfranchised voters to participate in the election process and still make a statement. Clothespin Vote was created to allow those who don't approve of what Washington is doing and want their voices of dissent to be heard, loud and clear, to find freedom of expression in the symbol of a clothespin.

Registration on the site begins June 14 at, where registrants can receive regular updates and insights on the election process, as well as obtain red, white and blue clothespins for the presidential election 2016.

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