Close Up Television Welcomes Coach, Energy Healer and Author Kelly Kimberlin

Close Up Television today announced coach, energy healer and author Kelly Kimberlin will be featured in a one-on-one exclusive interview with host Jim Masters.

Life does not have to be such a struggle. We are spiritual beings with the unique capacity to create a life we absolutely love. Through love, forgiveness, and gratitude, we can discover how much more joyful the world can truly be.

Kelly Kimberlin is the author of Street Wise and Alley Raised and The Bada** Is Back: How My Inner Bada** Saved My Life.

“My books are about the first 48 years of my life,” says Kelly. “It may have looked like I had the perfect picture life, but I was dying inside from all of the years of negativity, not knowing that I could follow my soul’s purpose.”

When we don’t follow our soul’s purpose, we’re always looking for answers outside of ourselves, says Kelly. That’s why she encourages her readers to unlock their inner “bada**.”

“Bada** stands for being brave even if it scares you,” says Kelly. “Every time you do something that makes your soul grow and feel alive, you become a spiritual superstar.”

Kimberlin is the founder of Connect with Your Inner Bad A** Coaching where she helps her clients unlock their true inner potential. Through masterful coaching and energy work, Kelly provides the proper tools to teach her clients how to generate lives of self-care and purposefulness.

“I don't think you have a soul. I think you are soul,” says Kelly, “but our energy gets blocked, distorted and out of balance. When you balance that energy and get clear on what you want, you will start to see how your life is changing.”

Kelly can detect and release emotions that will help balance the physical and emotional body and help individuals move forward to live a genuinely joyful life.

“I knew in my heart of hearts when I was young that I wanted to help people,” says Kelly. “What do you want to create for your life? What would you love to do? Have you ever asked yourself that? I work to help people bridge that gap from where they are to really where they want to be and start loving themselves again.”

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VIDEO: Kelly Kimberlin - Dying Inside the Picture Perfect Life

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