CLMI Safety Training Announces Release of new video training program, Preventing Workplace Violence

A new video training package entitled, Threat Detector: Your Role in Preventing Workplace Violence

CLMI Safety Training, an award winning developer and marketer of workplace safety training videos, has released a new video training package entitled, Threat Detector: Your Role in Preventing Workplace Violence. Created through a partnership with Stone Arch Creative, US Foodservice and top security professionals, this program instructs employees on how to recognize the common warning signs or threats to safety in the workplace and what they can do about it.

Workplace violence is a tragedy all too frequently featured in the news. According to Richard Pollock, CSP, President of CLMI-Safety Training, "Most businesses, have no concrete policies in place to deal with the disturbing potential for an eruption of furious rage by an employee. It is a very human tendency to ignore the uncomfortable feelings that may be important signals of danger. People may feel embarrassed to express the recognition of fear or simply rationalize away natural indicators that something is amiss. We all need to learn to pay closer attention to those around us, recognize threatening behavior, and notify those who can intervene."

New Training Package provides effective structure for violence prevention.

Safety depends on awareness of threat. CLMI's newest safety video is a means for training employees on how to recognize threats in the workplace before they lead to violent acts. Workers are shown real life examples of what threatening behaviors are and the red-flags that may indicate the potential for future violence. "By providing a coherent structure for recognizing actual threats, CLMI and the Threat Detector program takes the guesswork out of threat recognition and gives employees the confidence to speak up in time", Mr. Pollock says

In addition to the video, the program includes a detailed instructor guide and five scenarios for classroom discussion. Employees and managers work together to learn to recognize threatening behaviors and then develop prevention strategies.

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