ClinicTracker EHR Partners With TrueConf to Seamlessly Integrate Telehealth Capabilities Into Its Patient Portal

Thanks to TrueConf, ClinicTracker managed to offer an EHR solution that creates new value for users and will become a gold standard for healthcare organizations.

​​​​​​​The report published by Fortune Business Insights indicates that video communication is one of the major drivers transforming the work of healthcare organizations. The ClinicTracker team became keenly aware of such trends when many of their users began to ask for an effective telemedicine solution that would fully integrate into their clinic management software.

To respond to this growing need, the company decided to add video conferencing capabilities into ClinicTracker’s Patient Portal, the specialized website patients use to schedule appointments, communicate with their treatment team, display their medications, pay bills, and check financial information. The development team looked to the patient portal as a platform for a secure, HIPAA-compliant, and easy-to-use video conferencing system. After considering in-house development for the project, they decided to explore best-of-breed tools for embedding video conferencing into the existing software. They knew that the biggest challenge would be to find a vendor whose software could handle all the complex specifications that telemedicine solutions demand. 

After an exhaustive search, ClinicTracker ultimately decided to choose TrueConf, a major international provider of video conferencing software. Thanks to the TrueConf API and a collaborative effort between the two teams, the companies succeeded in integrating video conferencing into ClinicTracker and the ClinicTracker Patient Portal. The new feature was made possible by WebRTC technology that allows people to make audio or video calls through their web browsers.

“Our partnership with TrueConf has allowed us to deliver an integrated telehealth service platform on web, desktop and mobile environments. It’s just one more way that we have listened to our customers and developed a solution to an emerging need.” — Joshua Gordon, President and CEO at ClinicTracker

The end result was a web-based solution that lets patients schedule and hold video meetings with therapists in just a few clicks via any browser, without having to install any applications. They simply log into the ClinicTracker Patient Portal using their account credentials, where they can then enter a virtual therapy room and start video communication right away.

With this effective telemedicine platform, patients in remote areas or with mobility restrictions can access services more quickly and easily. Agency staff and administrators can also use this feature to make video calls, hold daily briefings, host conferences, and share content.​

About ClinicTracker

JAG Products is a leading U.S. vendor of electronic health record (EHR) software designed for mental health and substance abuse agencies. The company’s solutions help healthcare organizations manage data, cut costs, improve patient care, and increase efficiencies. JAG’s flagship software, ClinicTracker, supports document management, billing, compliance, collaboration, customization tools, ePrescribing, and many other features that behavioral health care agencies need to perform at their best. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Syracuse, New York. 

Source: ClinicTracker