Clinical Pathology Labs Joins Vitatrackr Austin Marketplace

One of the Largest Medical Reference Laboratory Systems in the Nation Sees Growth in Data

 vitaTrackr, Inc., the global leader in organizing an independent health data marketplace, today welcomed Clinical Pathology Labs (CPL) to vitaTrackr’s Austin-based digital health system. CPL joins recently announced Austin Regional Clinic and Austin Gastroenterology in what is a first of its kind move to open the flow of health data based on the authorization of individual consumers.

CPL’s Southwest Division president, Steve Shumpert said, “Consumers have a right to utilize their health data in any way they believe can help them better manage their health. What has been missing is a convenient means for consumers to exercise their preferences. vitaTrackr closes that gap.”

vitaTrackr’s CEO, Brian Baum said, “The convergence of health data at the direction of individual consumers holds enormous opportunity for innovation. If the consumer wants a portion of his or her health data to be integrated with other sources of data to help them manage their health, or simplify the process of making their data accessible to a new physician, or authorize the use of their data in research, then we can make that happen through vitaTrackr. It’s a scenario in which everyone wins.”

Shumpert went on to remark, “vitaTrackr is a network effect business. By using its data agnostic pipeline, we make ourselves available to partner with more healthcare delivery organizations. The move of healthcare to the digital era is unstoppable. Lab data is enormously helpful in managing health. As the mobile health community continues to bring innovative apps and devices to market, the potential to mix data elements together to help consumers proactively manage their health—for example, activity data with biometric and lab data—becomes very exciting.” 

Through vitaTrackr, patients have the ability to authorize the secure transfer of their health information from their physician to labs, to other health providers, and even third party applications and devices using vitaTrackr’s smartphone-based app. Once a patient authorizes transfer, their data can flow between proprietary systems through the vitaTrackr utility and be received seamlessly by the authorized recipient. In the vitaTrackr ecosystem, the consumer controls the flow of their data whether it is a one-time exchange or an ongoing flow of new data to an authorized user. If they move or change physicians they can easily suspend or revoke authorization and stop the flow of data.

Brian Baum said, “CPL’s more than 60 years of service in the healthcare industry and its track record as one of the country’s most advanced testing labs in the country, make it a natural fit for the vitaTrackr marketplace.”

Shumpert added, “In 1948, CPL was an innovator in bringing lab services to Austin. We’re excited to be part of the movement of healthcare into the digital age in a solution that will be a model for the nation.”

The vitaTrackr marketplace is currently enrolling participants and invites any health care organizations to contact the company for more information.

About vitaTrackr

 vitaTrackr is the global leader in organizing an independent health data marketplace. The company is creating a health data marketplace that facilitates the movement of health data from the point at which it is created to qualified destinations as authorized by the consumer. vitaTrackr is an independent, industry-wide utility that benefits all, but advantages no individual sector or entity. The company is based in Austin, Texas. 

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