Clinical Outcomes Solutions and FingerPost Mark Five Years of Collaboration Dedicated to Informing the COA Competitive Landscape in the Anti-Cancer Therapy Space

Clinical Outcomes Solutions and FingerPost mark five years of collaboration

Clinical Outcomes Solutions ('COS'), a global leader in the collection, analysis and reporting of patient-centered outcomes data, today marks five years of partnering with FingerPost, a leading consultancy providing market-specific payer and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) insights and intelligence worldwide.   

Established in 2013 and based in the U.S. and UK, COS is a global leader in delivering innovative science to capture and communicate the patient voice, in order to provide actionable evidence in clinical drug development through qualitative and quantitative research, with a specific focus on Clinical Outcomes Assessments. 

FingerPost, a team of healthcare experts covering 32 markets, leads the way in global market access and pricing strategy, providing the expertise and critical capabilities for pharmaceutical companies to optimize launch success. 

This partnership supports COS projects by providing specific insights relating to Clinical Outcomes Assessment data used for stakeholder decision-making. The powerful combination of subject matter experts specializing in COA strategy, pricing, market access and reimbursement ensures clients benefit from the flexibility and expertise of two niche agencies operating with a defined, highly developed methodology.

Clients are fully informed to consider the regulatory requirements for their COA strategy, as well as the payer and HTA landscape, thereby informing and bolstering market access.  

Stacie Hudgens, CEO at COS: "This scientific partnership is the culmination of a long-standing relationship dedicated to informing the COA Competitive Landscape for our Sponsor clients in the anti-cancer therapy space. Our equal passion and dedication to including and understanding the patient voice in outcomes and clinical research has led to evidence synthesis that truly informs the COA strategy in new drug development."

Catherine Bacon, MD of FingerPost: "This partnership has proven successful in delivering in-depth analyses of Health Technology Assessments (HTA) and the impact of patient-relevant outcomes on reimbursement recommendations and value-based/managed entry agreements across numerous therapeutic areas. The trend of including PRO data in HTA submissions is ever-increasing, particularly in oncology, where there are greater expectations from payers to demonstrate the benefits of new therapies beyond overall survival. Our structured, collaborative approach means that clients get the regulatory and market access expertise of two niche agencies."

Tara Symonds, CSO at COS: "This partnership allows Sponsors access to an even greater level of expertise. The depth of insight that this brings to any COA landscape analysis results in industry-leading COA strategies for our clients to utilize in leveraging maximum value to key stakeholders. Like COS, FingerPost has a global reach and, importantly, shares our commitment not only to innovative science but also in putting the patient at the heart of everything we do."

Source: Clinical Outcomes Solutions