Clinic Software CRM Announces Free Trial of Its CRM Edition Software

The software was specially designed for clinics, doctors, spas, salons and all appointment-based businesses Calendar, Customer Profile, Paperless Tablet consent forms and App

​​​​​​​​​​Awarded the most innovative software in the industry for doctors and clinics, is excited to announce its new CRM Edition is ready and live. The features released with a brand fresh new look after a long process of creation, redesign, innovation, and rebranding of the company as every single feature has been updated. New powerful tools targeting more leads, automation and bookings are also included in the latest update. 

Clinic Software® CRM is a cloud-based solution and offers a new way for any appointment-based business to manage better using automation tree, online bookings, leads, paperless forms, auto-targeting, reporting and more. Created as software for clinics, improved daily with doctors and therapists, the time for innovating with a CRM Edition for any business has come.

“Our customers always compared the features we are providing with the ones from Salesforce. They could use Salesforce® but Clinic Software® is a fraction of the price and they are happy with the customer service we offer. Advanced features. Everything you need all in one place and a free trial,” says Alexandru, CEO at “Clinic Software® is a customer-centric solution helping businesses from each industry executing from simple to the most exigent requests.”

The new software allows to plan and monitor a wide range of procedures using real pictures and templates. With a simple touch, the user can add an injection of or any other procedure to a client’s treatment programme. Drawing around the wrinkles and lines just got easier. On the face and body, the features can record their position and track their treatment progress.

Great Features and Benefits:

·         CRM Software

·         Responsive Online Booking

·         SMS Marketing AND Email

·         Automations Tree

·         Leads Capture

·         Manage Tasks

·         Paperless Consent Forms and COVID19 Forms

·         Rejuvenation Procedures

·         Auto Reminders

·         Online Booking add-on included

·        KPI Reporting

​·        Quote and meeting 

·        Ready-Payment Modules

·        Membership features​

Free Q and A availability. Discount code 20% off: PR21 

For yearly discount

Why Clinic Software®.com: 

- Integrations, Helpdesk & Training, Security & Data Protection
- Businesses of all sizes succeed with ClinicSoftware ® .com
- Connect With Industry Leading Apps To Level Up Your Business
- We Provide First Class Professional Support!
- We’re here to help you Grow Sales, Save Time & Get Organized​​


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Laura Volosciuc



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