Climb Inc Launches Private Aviation Membership

Climb Inc, a new private aviation solution, today announced their signature membership offerings, with memberships starting at $995/annually.

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Climb Inc, a membership-based private aviation solution, today announced the public launch of three new memberships designed to add predictability to private air travel.

Basic - $995/Annually

Essential - $6,995/Annually ($3,995 for Early Access Deposit Holders)

Business - $9,995/Annually ($4,995 for Early Access Deposit Holders)

All memberships include capped hourly rate protection, the ability to share flights with other members, and access to local members-only events. Best for those who fly occasionally, Basic membership unlocks these exclusive benefits for minimal capital investment. For those who value guaranteed aircraft availability, Essential and Business memberships offer it with as little as 24 hours' notice. Early Access Deposits are now open at

"Climb is the solution the private aviation industry has been waiting for: the conveniences of private plane ownership but with capital flexibility," said Climb Inc President & Director, Brandon Solomon. "We know private flyers value efficiency, safety, and transparency, so that is how we designed our platform. We primarily fly the PC-12 because it is arguably the most efficient aircraft in the industry and carries a remarkable reputation for safety. Our membership structure reduces our exposure to market volatility and puts provider and consumer on the same team. Savvy flyers immediately recognize our uniqueness."

Climb Inc. is inspired by a strong team of strategic advisors who have deep industry experience. Additionally, Brandon Solomon, David Smith and Christine Neeleman have been appointed to the Board of Directors.

"Innovation and serving customers are the pillars of Climb, and I could not be more excited to have a great team to help me accomplish this vision," states Brandon Solomon. "We've designed this to be the last charter solution you will ever need."

Initial service will begin in the western half of the United States later this fall, with nationwide service quickly following by summer 2022.

All flights are operated by DOT/FAA-authorized air carriers that have undergone a Climb safety assessment.

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