Clifford Beaumont - May Faces Hard Negotiation With EU Over Brexit Concessions

Clifford Beaumont - May's Plan B may not provide much hope against the chance of a no deal Brexit.

After a small but unconventional win in Parliament on Tuesday, analysts at Clifford Beaumont say UK Prime Minister Theresa May faces an uphill battle in trying to negotiate further concessions in the Brexit deal with the European Union.

On Tuesday, UK Parliament voted on Brexit amendments as it attempted to gain greater control on the future of Brexit. A list of amendments was put forward in the hope that it would take power away from May’s government and transfer it to the rest of Parliament.

Earlier this month May suffered a staggering defeat when her proposed Brexit deal was rejected by a 230 vote margin.

May’s Plan B laid out steps that involved working closely with Parliament and approaching the EU to try and negotiate further concessions and legally binding reassurances on the contentious issue of the Irish backstop.

But Clifford Beaumont analysts say the EU is so far unwilling to entertain further negotiations on a clause they have insisted is an absolute necessity from day one.

One of the proposed amendments to the Brexit plan was a delay of departure date, but this was voted against, leaving May little time to negotiate the required concessions with the EU.

At this point Clifford Beaumont analysts say a no deal Brexit is looking more and more likely and May has so far refused to rule out this possibility.

Source: Clifford Beaumont

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