Clickky's New Self-Serve Platform Made Daily Top-5 on Product Hunt

​​Yesterday, Clickky’s new Self-Serve Platform for mobile app promotion made Top-5 on Product Hunt as one of the most upvoted products. Clickky collected 250+ votes and hit Top 2 in Europe.

“Only high-quality and innovative products are recognized by public. With Clickky’s new self-serve platform for app promotion, we wanted to create a simple and convenient solution which will help all those app marketers and developers to run ad campaigns easily. Hope they will enjoy using our new platform!” shared Galina Divakova, Clickky’s CMO.

Only high-quality and innovative products are recognized by public. With Clickky's new self-serve platform for app promotion we wanted to create a simple and convenient solution which will help all those app marketers and developers to run ad campaigns easily. Hope they will enjoy using our new platform!

Galina Divakova, CMO

The platform offers everything for mobile advertising – all within one interface. The Self-Serve for Advertisers incorporates automatization tools that help to simplify ad campaigns launch, management and optimization – the marketer’s daily routine.

What makes the platform stand out?

  • CPI payment model – advertisers only pay for users who install their apps

  • Focus on the non-incentive traffic while incentive advertising means to offer some kind of a reward for installs, the goal of non-incentive one is to reach target audience and boost revenue

  • Automatic tracking link builder

  • CPI prediction tool – advertisers see an average cost per install for their targeting and do not overpay for particular campaign

  • Access to premium publishers

  • Special offers like freebies and discounts from Clickky’s verified partners

The company also announces several toolkit updates that will be available soon.

  • Retention Rate Tool will allow advertisers to optimize their campaigns, based on reports about retention rate of users from each traffic source. There is no need to use several analytical tools to see all the metrics: advertisers can check the analytics of gained users and their retention directly in the platform interface.

  • Blacklisting Tool that allows to blacklist websites, where advertisers don’t want to show their ads.

  • Integration Testing System which automatically tests the integration with Clickky’s platform.

  • CPE ad campaigns. Within this model advertiser pays for post-install events - certain actions that user takes after an app is installed: reaching certain level in mobile game, making an in-app purchase, etc.

​Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform is integrated with the leading global publishers who work with Clickky directly through the monetization platform the company owns or through its API solution AdExchange. The last one serves more than 250M clicks monthly and manages 20K mobile CPI campaigns daily. The platform works on CPI basis offering both incentive and non-incentive traffic, so advertisers pay only for actual installs.

You can learn more about Clickky’ Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers at

About Clickky

Clickky has 6 offices in 5 сountries: United States, Israel, Ukraine, Russia and India. The company operates worldwide, delivering mobile ad campaigns from more than 120 different countries, and its team has grown to 90 professionals.  In 2015 Clickky launched AdExchange API – the world’s biggest automated mobile ad platform, which provides access to more than 20,000 mobile ad campaigns.  In May, 2015 Clickky received $2M from iTech Capital, a venture capital firm focused on growth investments in digital economy businesses.  In 2016, Clickky made TOP-5 among advertising and marketing companies and TOP 3 among mobile ad-tech companies in the Inc. 5000 Europe ranking.  Also in 2016, Clickky received a Golden IBA Stevie Award, being honored as the fastest growing company in Europe.

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