Clickky Launches Smartlink - a Remnant Traffic Monetization Solution

Clickky has launched a new solution for remnant traffic monetization - Smartlink

​Clickky has recently launched Smartlink - a new solution for remnant traffic monetization.

Clickky Smartlink allows to set up a rule, that will redirect any campaign’s traffic to Clickky’s new solution. Any rule for this redirection will ensure that the network will earn money, even with campaigns where they have not been able to monetize users.

Remnant traffic is composed of clicks that have not been sold directly to an advertiser. Some of the most common reasons mobile traffic becomes remnant include:

- A campaign reaches its cap or budget

- Unsupported OS, carriers or devices

- Users come from WI-FI, but offers from 3G only (and vice versa)

- Users come from a non supported country

- Under-performing traffic

- Unsold traffic

- Backfill traffic

- Already subscribed users

- Unchargeable users

Usually, networks simply do not know the potential of this traffic and the amount of revenue they are wasting.

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